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Animal Silhouette Free Files and Project Ideas

Animal Silhouette Free Files and Project IdeasAnimal Silhouette Free Files and Project Ideas

We love Vanessa and are so excited to have her participate in our summer series. She is one clever lady! We are loving these Animal Silhouette Free Files and Project Ideas! This is such a fun way to kick off our ZOO Animal Week!

I’m so excited to be participating in Crafting Chick’s Mother Hen’s Summer Survival Guide again this year! For me and my boys, nothing says “summer” more than long visits to our local zoo. Because we go so often, I’m always on the look out for ways to make our zoo trips interesting and new so I created these Animal Silhouette Free Files to make t-shirts and sketch pads for my kids. Hope you all enjoy them too!

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6 Free Files!

The way I’m planning on using these Animal Silhouette Free Files is that each child will get to pick out the animal they feel represents them the most the week before a zoo trip. Then we’ll spend the next few days researching more about that animal, making crafts, and watching educational videos. I’ll use the free files to make a matching t-shirts and sketch books so that they have something new and exciting to take with us to the zoo. I’ll definitely be using my handy Silhouette Cutting Machine and materials from Expressions Vinyl!

Grab the free Animal Silhouette Free Files over on T&T!

Animal Silhouette Free File - BookSuper Sketch Book

We’ve been bringing sketch books and pens to the zoo for years now but this is the first time they’ll have personalized books. My boys are crazy about using gel pens on these inexpensive black blank books right now! Usually we focus on a specific exhibit or section of the zoo instead of trying to see the whole thing. We’ve sat in the aviary drawing for hours before!

Animal Silhouette Free File - ModelWear With Pride

While we’ve taken sketch books to the zoo in the past, we’ve never had coordinating t-shirts! We’ve been talking with our boys about their different personalities and strengths lately so having them take pride in the t-shirts they choose is perfectly timed. I love the idea of a child knowing they’re as fierce as a lion or as free as a bird!

Animal Silhouette Free File - DrawHappy Summer

Whether you make t-shirts or sketch books, I hope you enjoy using these Animal Silhouette Free Files to add a bit of excitement to your next zoo trip! Thank you, Crafting Chicks, for letting me participate in this year’s Mother Hen Summer Survival Guide!

Click here for the Animal Silhouette Free Files!

We hope you enjoy making these t-shirts with Animal Silhouette Free Files and Project Ideas! You could also make a tote, or canvas pictures using these animal images.

Fun Ideas to Incorporate Animal Crafts and Activities this summer:

Rainforest in a Jar

sm rainforest in a jar 8

Rainforest Chalk Art

rainforest chalk art

Monkey Muffins


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