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Arm Warmers…Half Gloves…Baby Legwarmers…Cheap/Awesome Christmas present & Halloween Warmers :)

I can’t believe I just mentioned Christmas. Well, I said it. With Christmas around the corner and chilly Halloween nights for that matter, this is a cheap/fun present for any lady in your life from babies up to mamas and grandma’s if she’s hip. These (without flowers) are also fun for boys, yes boys. These are super popular at my kids’ school and they call them Spirit Arms. These gray ones are fun for the boys minus the frills.

STEP 1. So I purchased these cute socks at Target in the ladies section. They were $2 per pair. That’s a great present for darn cheap, WOOT WOOT. You can’t beat handmade either. You can find these and others at Target. There are also some that are $5 which are also really cute.

STEP 2. Take each sock and cute each one right above the ankle. The best part is that you don’t even need to sew the cut end. If you are making Baby Legwarmers or Spirit Arms without thumb holes, stop here. You are DONE. If you are making the thumb hole, continue.

STEP 3. Mark a quarter-sized hole about 2″ below the cinched end of the sock.

STEP 4. Cut it out. After you cute it out, PUT IT ON. This will stretch out the fabric just slightly to perfection. Don’t try to stretch it out, it will stretch on its own.

STEP 5. Take the bottom part of another sock or the bottom of the same one depending on what color you want it to be. Cut a one inch “tube” out of the bottom part of another sock.

STEP 6. Choose a fun color of embroidery thread (don’t separate individual threads) and weave in and out of the piece that’s wrapped around the inside and outside of the quarter-sized hole. Do this until the tube piece is sewn around the perimeter of the hole. Sew a little bit past the beginning to ensure that the hole will not stretch any more than it already has. Repeat this step to ensure that this piece in secure.

STEP 7. Sew the other matching one just like you did in step 6. You don’t have to worry about whether it’s the left or the right until you attach the flowers.

STEP 8. Make the flowers by using the bottom part of one of the remaining socks. Cut the bottom of the sock 3/4″ wide and about 1 foot long. Do this by cutting it into a corkscrew shape until you get 1 food of the sock. Wrap the fabric around until you have a flower like so…(step 8). Sew the flower with the embroidery thread. Sew the flowers into place so if you were to put them on, they would land on the hand or wrist. Now, ENJOY a unique, one-of-a-kind accessory for the Fall and Winter season or better yet, a gift for someone, or MANY gifts for EVERYONE. You can’t beat $2.

Baby Leg Warmers:  I made these ones for Quincie. They go up to her mid-thigh, they are so cute. These ones happened to be $1. The solid colors are this price. These took me literally 10 seconds to make. I love how they turned out. I think this is the first time my hubs has made it to the craft blog, shout out to my honey 🙂  He probably won’t be bragging to his friends about this appearance 😉  They are both pretty darn cute aren’t they.

Another cute group of BOYS wearing the Spirit Arms. The three younger ones are mine and on most days I would claim my neighbor as well 😉 ha ha Jaden. Porter begged for $8 to buy some blue and white stripped “spirit arms” from school. He earned them and yes, we bought them to help out the PTA. My other boys then wanted a pair to wear to school. I immediately thought back to Jamie’s Post HERE. We immediately went to Target and purchased some socks with patterns the boys could handle. They LOVE them. They work well under t-shirts, seriously they LOVE them.

You can either do these with or without the thumb hole, either way they are easy and go with any outfit. The tweens dig these as well. I plan on making a set of these for each of my tween nieces for Christmas.

So whether they are Baby Legwarmers, Hand Warmers, Spirit Arms, for girls or boys, they are a great gift idea and fun new accessory for anyone, and CHEAP!!! Merry early Christmas people and thanks for stopping by.

We are always on the look out for inexpensive gift ideas, what are your best ones?

Happy Crafting!!


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  1. Thanks so much for adding to my link party!!! I have the bugs all fixed so it should work great now. I appreciate you passing it along 😉

  2. SO cute! I love the pictures! My daugter had been drooling over a knit version from the Miss Matched company, but they were $20 (plus shipping) a pair and she just wasn’t sure she’d wear them enough. Just a few bucks a pair ought to fit her budget better.

  3. Ummmmmm… Your amazing! My toddler refuses to wear pants or socks and we live in ND! I was just about to pay $8 a pair for leg warmers!


  4. The little miss match brand makes the thumb holes on the heel of the sock giving those of us with longer arms the needed length. I love this tut though. It helps me figure out how to finish mine off. Thanks!

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