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Bunny Treat Mix

Easter Bunny Treat Mix - a yummy snack! Sharing a fun little treat mix for spring. Bunny Treat Mix. This is a fun treat to take to those Easter or Spring gatherings. We also love making treats for neighbors or friends and this Bunny Treat Mix makes the perfect one! Plus, Easter candy is just so pretty.


I love the colors of the white snacks mixed with the colorful candy. Perfect to display in pretty clear jars around springtime.Easter Bunny Treat Mix - a yummy snack! What you will need to make this Bunny Treat Mix:

-Easter Candy Corn

-Small or Large Jellybeans (we used the mini size)

-Mini Marshmallows

Chex Mix Muddy Buddies

Easter Bunny Treat Mix - a yummy snack!Mix the ingredients together. The muddy buddies, the candy corn (bunny ears), the jelly beans (bunny noses), and the mini marshmallows (bunny tails), to make the yummy Bunny Treat Mix.Easter Bunny Treat Mix - a yummy snack!

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Some”bunny” loves you Easter Treat tag

Tie up a treat with this cute bunny tag. Share with someone you love this spring!Easter Bunny Treat Mix - a yummy snack!

Peeps Bunny Bouquet

This fun treat is also a pretty bouquet. Make one for your favorite Peep Lover!Easter Bunny Treat Mix - a yummy snack!

Peep Houses

Easter Peep houses. This is a fun spin off of the classic gingerbread house. Let your little ones create a graham cracker bird house for their Peeps family. Peep House - A yummy Easter activity and snack!

Easter Basket Cupcakes

Turn those cupcakes into mini Easter baskets….add a handle, a bow and some Easter eggs on top!

Easter Basket Cupcakes

Springtime Printable Pack

Springtime Printable Pack


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