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I always get a bug to clean and organize once the kids go back to school. Here are some of the items we couldn’t do without to keep us on track and organized.




Mom Do It All Calendar

I must have a calendar with everything where I can see it. I use my phone and computer calendars, but there is nothing like having it written down in my opinion. I love this one because it has lines for each family member and gives you a lot more space than other calendars. It’s also a 17 month calendar which I love!



Sterilite Stackable Storage Drawers

I have always loved these. This is my very favorite organizational item. They are stackable and durable. I have a tower of 3 in each of my kids’ closets. I’ve never wanted regular drawers with boys in the house because I feel like they break easier. The plastic drawers are much better. LOVE!CraftingChicksPicks-brooke

Mind Organization for Moms from Powerofmoms.com (afflilate link)

I went to a Power of Moms retreat in the spring and one of the things I LOVED learning more about was this amazing organization program presented by April Perry, one of the founders of Powerof Moms.com. It’s called Mind Organization for Moms and it is a system to get your brain and life organized in a very doable way. I bought the program knowing I needed help because I was going crazy with piles of paper and projects and kids stuff and things I wanted to accomplish, on and on….and I’m in the process of working through it. And I can tell already it’s making a big difference to me! Anyway, I totally recommend it.


Assorted Magazine Files

I like to use magazine files as bins to sort various items in my kitchen desk. I actually bought really cute cardboard ones from the Target Dollar Spot that are working really well, and IKEA has some inexpensive ones too. I have about 10 or so of them in the cupboard above the little desk in my kitchen and they each house papers and items in different categories. I have a family one, a Crafting Chicks one, a recipe one, and a church one, to name a few. (This is part of my set-up for the Mind Organization for Moms program I mentioned above)


Brooke’s Washi Tape Organization Calendar


We have our calendar hanging off the kitchen in a high traffic area. Brooke’s idea of using washi tape has worked wonders in keeping us all in the know of what is happening and where we need to be.

File Folder Holders

file foldersWhat do you use to keep organized?


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