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Dinosaur Dig Snack

Hi, I’m Laura from Make Life Lovely, a creative blog where I share lots of creative crafts, recipes, party ideas, and more! Dinosaurs are all the rage with kids these days, and who can blame them?

Dinosaur Dig Snack

Today I’m going to share with you a sweet dinosaur snack that not only tastes good, but is fun too! This dinosaur snack is perfect to make just for fun, or is great for a dinosaur party or when friends come over.

This snack looks just like a dinosaur dig site- white dinosaur fossils and brown dirt- except it’s all completely edible, which makes it even more fun!

dinosaur 4

Dinosaur Dig Snack Supplies and Ingredients:

dinosaur 7


Step 1. You’ll need to melt the chocolate according to the directions on the package. I ALWAYS use my Chocolate Melter that I bought a few years ago, It melts the chocolate perfectly and keeps it at the perfect temperature so I don’t have to keep reheating the chocolate and so it’s impossible to burn.

Step 2. Use a spoon to pour the melted white chocolate into a silicone dinosaur mold.


I used this dinosaur mold, and it is the perfect size for making multiple dinosaurs and placing in a container for this project. You don’t need to grease the mold, just pour the chocolate right in.

Place the refrigerator for about 20 minutes or until the chocolate is hard. Remove the hard chocolate from the dinosaur mold by popping them out. Aren’t they cool? I love how perfectly these turn out with such little effort! It’s practically impossible to mess these up thanks to the awesome mold.

dinosaur 2

Step 3. Mix up the dirt by using approximately 1 part brown sugar, 1 part cocoa, and 1 part wheat flour.

dinosaur 3

This recipe is VERY flexible. You can really just add the ingredients until you have the amount of dirt you need for your container and all your chocolate fossils.

If someone is allergic to wheat, just leave out the flour. If you want darker dirt, then add more cocoa. If you want thicker dirt, use more brown sugar or add some crushed graham crackers or Oreos to it. I just used what I had on hand.

To make my chocolate darker, I used some dark chocolate cocoa that gave the dirt a really dark, rich look that I liked. Experiment until you get the look and texture that you and your kids like!

dinosaur 5

Now add all of your edible “dirt” to a large tray, baking sheet, or dish, and add the chocolate fossils to them. If you are serving at a party and don’t want much of a mess, just add the chocolates right on top of the “dirt” and serve.

dinosaur 4

If you want to make a little activity out of it, then you can cover the fossils with the “dirt” so that there is only a little bit of the chocolate fossil showing.

Give the kids new clean paintbrushes and let them become paleontologists and brush away the chocolate “dirt” from their edible fossils. If they’re anything like my son, this will keep them busy for a while!

dinosaur 6

It’s fun for the kids to each find a whole dinosaur by searching for all the of the different fossils, then putting the pieces back together again.

dinosaur 9

dinosaur 8

These also make great dinosaur party treats. Put some chocolate “dirt” in a sandwich size Ziploc bag, add a few chocolate fossils, then print out some FREE dinosaur treat toppers from the free printable that I’m sharing on my blog today and staple it to the top. SO simple, yet SO cute for a fun edible dinosaur party favor.

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