DIY Tassel Bookmark

DIY Tassel Bookmarks

Printable bookmarks and reading list are a fun way to get your kids excited about reading this summer!

DIY Tassel Bookmark

I remember hating reading as a kid, and fell in love with it much later in life. I want my children to fall in love with it as early as possible so I make it a priority to find amazing books, take the time to read with them and add a little extra fun to it when they’re not in the mood for a book. This is why I created this reading printable. There are two parts to it, the first is ‘the reading list’, a bunch of fun and different places to read. There’s something so peaceful about reading outside on a summer’s day, and something so mysterious about reading under the covers with a flashlight. We listed a few different places to read to get you and your child excited about summer reading. The second part is a book mark. Style it however you’d like. My 3 & 5 yr olds even love it for their picture books, and my 7 yr old loves marking his place in his chapter book.


I hope you enjoy these printables and hope they help inject a little bit of fun into your summer reading.


Supplies for Tassel Bookmark

  • Printable
  • Scissors
  • Hole Punch
  • Markers, Stickers, Paint Sticks, anything to color with
  • Stickers
  • Embroidery thread or yarn for the tassel




How to Make your Tassel Bookmark

Print and cut out your bookmark. We recommend using 65 lb cardstock or heavier. Some printers can also take watercolor paper, but be sure to check with your printer first.

DIY Tassel Bookmark

Color your book mark then add some stickers for flare. Once it’s colored punch the hole out for your tassel.

DIY Tassel Bookmark

Time to make your tassel. Wrap your thread around 4 fingers about 20 times, then remove from your fingers. Next, cut a piece of thread for your tassel hoop. Tie it in a hoop and double knot it. Take your tassel hoop and double knot it around your tassel (which still looks like a loop). Cut the bottom of the loop open. Tie another piece of thread around your tassel just below the top knot. Wrap it around a few times, then double knot it. Cut off the excess. Trim the bottom of your tassel and you’re done!

DIY Tassel Bookmark

Thread your tassel through the hole in the bookmark.

DIY Tassel Bookmark

You are ready to get your summer reading on!

DIY Tassel Bookmark

Grab a good book, your bookmark and summer reading list and find a fun place to read.

DIY Tassel Bookmark

Free Printable below! Personal Use Only Please.

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  1. Where is the download for this cute idea? Am I missing it someplace?

    I have some kiddos who would love to make these!



  2. this is great! Thank you for sharing! I am having trouble downloading the printable. When I click on “download here” I get an error code that says access is denied.

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