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I ♥ flowers! Having two little girls, I am always looking for adorable hair accessories. I have found that I definitely like flowers the best. There are so many fun ways to make them! This is my little Lily Pearl. She is definitely my inspiration for most of the creative girly things that I make. I have been making hair flowers for awhile now and I am in the process of starting up a little shop called Pearlie Girl Hair Decor. My most favorite flower to make is one with tulle in the middle. I am going to show you how to make it. 🙂 Here is the Hair Flower TutorialYou will need:

a flower (I love Hobby Lobby for my flowers)

a small piece of tulle

a piece of ribbon long enough to cover your clip

a hair clip

small rhinestones

a gluegun

Pull apart your flower and glue all of the individual layers together, then follow this simple tutorial:

There are SO many different and fun things you can do. You can use any size of rhinestones and any number of them. It is also really cute to add a layer of coordinating fabric in between your flower layers. Because I ♥  all of you so much, I am giving away some flowers to two fabulous readers! I am giving away the headband with the flower clip and the two small hair flowers above and I am giving away the hat with the flower clip and the two small clips below.

To enter this giveaway, just leave me a comment telling me which of the two you would like to win.

Leave your comment by midnight MST on Friday, the 1oth. I will choose a winner for each and announce the winners on Saturday morning.


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  1. Wow, that is hard to choose. They are all darling! You are so good! I make my own flower clips also, but yours are so much more versatile. I need to get some tulle to try out! Very cute! Ok, I think because my little girl is no longer a baby I would choose the headband with the flower clip and the two small hair flowers. I love the hat, but think it looks better on a baby. Thanks for the giveaway and I look forward to checking out your new shop! Be sure to let us know about it! Thanks again!

  2. Oooh…so cute! It’s hard to pick between the two – the headband would be great for my 6yo but the hat would be so cute on baby! I’ll go with…um…eenie meenie…the hat!

  3. What a great new twist on flower clips! I absolutely love the little pink hat and with two little girls of my own I don’t seem to have enough flower clips on hand. These would be perfect for my girls.

  4. They are all so cute…..having a hard time deciding which set I like the best. I’d probably take the headband, but I would be happy with either because my 3 year old daughter looks so cute in hats!!

  5. I love the headband. It would look so cute on my 2 yr old. She has TONS of hair and I am always looking for something new to put in it, and my 4 yr old would LOVE the flowers.

  6. I would luv luv the headband w/ flower and the brown clips!!! And i have 4 girls so they will definitely get used, LOL!! Cute idea, I’m determined to use tulle now……

  7. Thanks for the great tutorial. I am going out to buy some supplies and make some for my girls.

    I would love the headband set. The brown flowers would match some new outfits I bought for my girls.

    Thanks for your inspiration!

  8. I would choose the hat and the small flowers. So cute! Good luck getting your shop started. Sounds like it will have some real cute stuff!

  9. Ooooh, I love the one with the hat! I’m expecting my first grandbaby in January and I think (actually I KNOW) this would look so darling!!! P.S. I wish I could make those hats, but alas, that’s just not one of my talents!

  10. We’re hoping to be adding a little girl to our family in March and your cute flowers would be a perfect way to start all the girlyness! 🙂

  11. Jamie will testify that my daughter needs a bit more girliness – I would love to see her in the little hat! (Especially with fall coming)

  12. I would love the hat and flower clips. I am having my third girl in November. It would be so fun to put her in the hat!

  13. Oh, they are both soooo cute. I have two girls and this would be perfect! I can’t decide, but I think the headband one just b/c those brown flowers are to die for and I don’t have brown flowers yet. Thank you!!

  14. I love the headband with the flowers and clip! They are adorable and would look perfect in my daughters hair! Thank you for the tutorial!!

  15. Those are cute! Thanks for your tutorial. I love those brown flowers! I’d love to put them in my baby girl’s hair!

  16. You are not alone with the love of flowers! The pink flowered hat is simply adorable and perfect. It’s the same with the headband. So cruel to make us chose just two! LoL THANK YOU for the tutorial.

  17. I’m in desperate need of bows for my daughter. I would love to win any of these giveaways…they are both so cute and would complement my daughter!

  18. I love them all! I would especially love to win the hat set. It would be perfect for my baby girl this fall and winter.

  19. Beautiful Job! They are all so cute! I would pick the hat set though, so so cute and would match my little girls new coat perfectly! Thanks for the giveaway!

  20. They are all so cute. Thanks for the chance to win. The hat and the headband would work best for me because my daughter has really thin hair. Thanks, too, for the tutorial.

  21. Love the headband and super cute little clips. Can I just say “Darling”. You are so nice to offer a giveaway.

  22. I love the pink headband flower and the two adorable brown flowers however I would be happy with anything as they are all way cute.

  23. I love the headband, and the brown flower clippies. I have a little girl too that i love to buy/make hair things for.

  24. I love the off-white flower with the flower button in the middle — so cute. Did you use fabric too? The brown and white polka-dot flowers would look so cute in my red haired little girls hair. Would love to win 🙂

  25. Adorable, a mama of 2 girls, I am enamored of all the adorable flowery accents popping up everywhere! I would love the hat and small clip set for my Lil’ G!

    Oh, and totally OT – your wedding ring/engagement band looks almost exactly like mine! I’ve never seen anyone with something close to the same!

  26. They are all so cute, but I would say the brown ones and the one with the headband are my favorites. I love the poka pots and the fabric in with the flower. So, so cute.

  27. ooh, i would love the super cute hat…would look so cute on my baby! thanks for such a great site. i am new to it and i love it. thanks!

  28. Ahhhh….pick one? Really? I am absolutely in love with babies and big flowers on their head! I have bought some supplies to try and make some flower headbands for my 9 month old but with two little ones and working part time I struggle to find time to work on anything for me (like most momma’s I am sure). If I won one of these maybe just maybe it would give me the jump start I need to get some craft time in:). I am loving both I just can’t decide, oh okay the ……ahhh..I don’t know I would be happy to have my little one wear either!!!! Kelly http://www.thegishfamily.blogspot.com

  29. After staring at the two I have decided….the hat!! Cold weather is coming and my poor baby girl has no sign of hair to come. I will be needing something to keep her head warm:). This hat would be darling…ummm..I am thinking if I win which I surely hope I do I will need to find an outfit to match the hat for a winter portrait. Kelly. http://www.thegishfamily.blogspot.com

  30. I can’t choose….both sets are totally adorable and I would LOVE to win either one!! 🙂 (thanks for the tut…I am excited to go make some flowers!)

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