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Halloween Paper Lanterns Kid Craft

Halloween Paper Lanterns Kid Craft are a great craft for Halloween class parties or just any time. These are the perfect decoration for Halloween.

Halloween Paper Lanterns Kid Craft | Class Party | School Party | Preschool Crafts

I am so excited to be sharing a fun halloween kid craft with you today! Just follow the simple tutorial below.

Paper Halloween Lanterns


These Halloween paper lanterns make a really fun kid craft. They are perfect for halloween class parties or any halloween party. And once they’re made they become such cute Halloween decor made by your little pumpkins. You can perfectly display these on your porch, mantel, anywhere really.

To make Halloween Paper Lanterns you will need:

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These cute lanterns won’t need a candle or batteries. You could put a tea light or glow sticks in them, but we usually just leave them as is.

Kid Craft Halloween Paper Lanterns

Step 1:

To make the lantern, fold a sheet of paper hotdog style (the lengthwise way). Starting on the folded edge, use your ruler to draw lines spacing about an inch apart. Make sure you leave 1/2 inch free space near the adjacent edge.

Step 2:

You can now cut the lines (starting on the fold) using scissors. Make sure to stop 1/2 inch before reaching the edge.

Halloween Paper Lanterns for preschool, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, kindergarten

Step 3:

Now, unfold…take one end and wrap around. Staple the top and bottom of the lantern. (image above)

sm halloween lantern 7

Step 4:

The kids love this part! Using shapes cut out of the paper, add faces to your Halloween creatures. If you don’t want to cut out shapes, you could use a black marker to add the faces.
Ghost Halloween Lantern Paper Craft

For the Ghost, we added black eyes and a big circle mouth.

Bat Halloween Lantern Craft


For the bat we added white fangs, creepy red eyes, pointed ears and wings to the back. Try making a black cat or black spider too!

Pumpkin Halloween Lantern

For the jack o’ lantern we used black shapes for the eyes, nose and mouth.

Halloween Lantern kid craft

Happy Halloween Crafting.Such a fun craft for the kiddos this Halloween season! We have even had the kids make these on halloween night right before trick-or-treating.

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