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Nature Explorer Journal


The best part of camping and being outdoors is exploring and finding new things! The younger you are the more exciting even the smallest things can be. I know I’m not the only mom who ends up with pocket fulls of rocks, flowers, leaves and sticks after a hike, trip to the park, or even a walk around the block. Kids love to touch, smell, and even taste (yuck!) the treasures they find.


We’re Going on a Bear Hunt has been a nightly read for the past month or so, and it was a game we often played in the car growing up. But it is all about exploring, analyzing and feeling the things of nature.


So today we are going to make little Nature Explorer Journals that will help kids look for new things, and provide a place for all those little treasures to go, besides the bottom of your washing machine.

You’ll need 3 lunch size brown paper bags, a stapler, glue, and the printable you can get below. Plus a little washi tape if you want to cover up those staples.


Start by stacking the bags opposite directions. It doesn’t matter which you start with, just make sure it goes top of bag, bottom of bag. Or open, close, open.


Fold the bags in half.


And staple together to make a little book. The open ends serve as pockets to hold stash the finds in.



Then glue on the printed sheets. You can download those here.




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