What can I say? I can’t help myself when I see great wall hanging arrangements whether it be photos, paintings, silhouettes, whatever. I am in the very preliminary stages of planning my own photo wall so I have been mildly obsessed with wall arrangements. I must say that a couple of these have NO LINKS because I could not find them so if they are YOURS, please let us know and we will add you on the list. Enjoy these BEAUTIFUL displays of art.

1. LOVE the colors in this one, especially the pink chairs and the variety of colors. Mmmmm.

2. This was featured on Apartment Therapy awhile back. It just works somehow with all the randomness. I love the black painted behind the photos.

3. I LOVE this Chalkboard Art Gallery from Jude at the blog ARTFUL ADVENTURES. She did an amazing job with this and it tickles me to think that you don’t have to buy frames….ahhhhh, and you don’t have to clean glass….ahhhhh. These can be so easily changed out. Just love it.

4. This lovely arrangement that was featured over at Centsational Girl. I love the neutral colors and the visual texture. Lovely.

5. LOVE THE YELLOW. Not sure where this one came from, but STUNNING. Silhouettes have been done a bunch, but these are perfect.

6. You’ve got to love the Becky Higgins wall. Once again, love the yellow and the frames pictures within the larger frame.

7. This one come from The Nester. Love the chalkboard in the middle of the family photos and the colors make me wan to sink into that white couch and nap.

8. This is another from Apartment Therapy-the Tribecca Loft redo. This is unique and I love the colors and the print sizes.

9. This one comes from Eden Lang. Ahhhh. Love the soft tones and the negative space. I love it when people have the guts to blow pictures up big.

10. oooooohhhhhh LOVE.

11. OH I could stare at this one all day.

12. I love the HUGE GIGANTIC photo here and colors are so soothing.

13. POTTERY BARN:  They always know how to dress up a wall.

14. This room is from Velvet & Linen. LOVE the paint color on the walls, and the kids’ artwork it TO DIE FOR!

14. I love this one. Breaking it up into panes. LOVE IT.




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  1. I LOVE the second to last. The idea of covering the wall with the child’s art, but not using IKEA magnet strips is awesome! The whole room is a dream, a collection that happened over time, not all at once. 🙂

  2. I love them all! I’m working on a gallery wall in my living room, and it’s slowly coming together. I hope it’s looks as great as these do once I’m finished!

  3. The kids artwork, second from the bottom, is my favorite!! It’s precious and lets the children that you appreciate and love their work… priceless…

  4. Loving the paint in the second to last picture – anyone know what color that is? Would be perfect for my kids’ playroom that I’m painting tommorrow!

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