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Random Acts Printable Kindness Cards

We’ve teamed up with BYU-TV and Random Acts to bring you this printable and a giveaway. 

printable Kindness Cards

I’m really excited for today’s printable kindness cards. They could be used in so many different places to bring a little pick-me-up to a friend or even a stranger.

Random Acts of Kindness Printable Cards

Leave them under wipers on car windshields in a parking lot, tuck into your kid’s lunchbox, or in your spouses suitcase as they are leaving town. Print and use as gift cards, let your kids hand them out at school- there are so many ways these little cards can make a day brighter!

Pick Me Up Cards
Download Box

My kids have found a new favorite show called Random Acts. It’s like a prank show with a twist, a kindness twist. The show is full of people being surprised with kindness. We watch it Sunday mornings on BYUTV as we’re waiting for church. It’s the best motivation because they have to be ready for church before we turn it on. You can get BYUTV on Roku, Android, iOS, Apple TV, etc., or stream directly from BYUTV. New shows air Monday nights at 7:30 pm (but don’t tell my kids or my Sunday bribery will go flying out the window).


Printable Kindness Cards


Want some more Random Acts of Kindness ideas?

Random Acts of Kindness Activities | Teach your children about service with these simple, fun acts of service. Printables, ideas and more!


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  1. Just by sharing this cute free printables is a random act of kindness! I will do the same and pay it forward. Thank you

  2. Thank you for offering these beautiful cards for free and not making them mushy-gushy. They were perfect for a teacher to gift to students when that teacher realized they had forgotten to pick up anything at the store.

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