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Simply the Best Teacher Tags

Simply the Best Teacher Gift

It’s that time of year. You know, time to come up with a teacher gift to let them know you appreciate all the work and effort they have put in to teaching your child, but it can’t break the bank. I try to give consumable gifts, because I can only imagine how quickly little gifts can overrun a house. Also, we were faced with the problem of having a male and a female teacher this year. Not that that is a problem, just that I doubt the Mr. really cares for cute apple anything. So how about a bottle of flavored lemonade to take them into summer!

#1 Teacher Tags

I created 2 tags and then stacked them. The top one says #1 teacher and you can add the teachers name (I used the font Bebas Neue if you want to keep it seamless). The bottom one says Thanks for being Simply the best! and works great with Simply Lemonade. Because I have an obsession with my laminator I ran the tags through it, to help them hold up a little better in the fridge. But you can totally skip that part.

Lemonage Teacher Gift Idea


Using trusty baker’s twine I just tied the tags on and delivered to the school.

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Thank you teachers!

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Simply the Best Teacher Tag


teacher appreciation

Redbox Teacher Appreciation

Mint Themed Teacher Gift with a cute "I was Mint to be in Your Class" paper flag!

Mint Themed Teacher Gift

Popcorn Teacher Gift Idea

Popcorn Teacher Gift

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