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St. Patrick’s Day Ideas: Leprechaun Traps

Make one oft these Leprechaun Traps to catch a mischievous little leprechaun this St Patricks’s Day. Reuse containers around the house. Kids will love this

Leprechaun Trap made out of an old shoe box. Painted green with a treasure inside.

In our house there’s a mischievous little leprechaun that visits  St. Patrick’s Eve. He wreaks all sorts of havoc on our home. He leaves little foot prints all over along with clues that take us on a gold hunt. Our furniture is turned over, and he always turns our milk green. Trouble I tell you!

In order to put a stop to this we’ve started leaving out a leprechaun trap in the hopes of taking care of this leprechaun once and for all.

Leprechaun trap made with scrabbook paper and an old chip can.

Here are a couple different ideas, if you’d like to set a leprechaun trap this year too! The main point is to have fun and let imaginations run crazy. I picked up some gold glitter and green spray paint at Hobby Lobby and we found objects around the house to use for our traps.

Leprechaun Trap #1

For the first trap we painted a shoe box green.

Leprechaun Trap made out of an old shoe box. Painted green with a treasure inside.

Then we used some wooden discs (that I bought years and years ago for a project I never got around to doing) and we sprayed those gold.

spray paint for a leprechaun trap

Knowing how greedy leprechauns are, this pot of gold will be our bait for the trap. I found it at the craft store and tied and glued it to a dowel.

Fake pot of gold for a Leprechaun trap

We used the dowel to prop open the shoe box, glued spanish moss on the lid and scattered our gold “coins” around. My 5 year old can’t wait for the leprechaun to grab the pot of gold, which will in turn pull the dowel and close the lid before the sneaky little creature can escape!

Leprechaun Trap #2

For our second trap we used a pirouette cookie can covered in scrapbook paper (this is a Crystal Wilkerson digi paper I printed off) with a piece of paper sprayed with the gold glitter paint on the inside. Conveniently there is a ladder propped up to the side of this Gold Vault with a KEEP OFF sign the leprechaun is sure to ignore. Once he enters the vault there will be no way to get out!

Leprechaun trap made out of a cookie can with scrapbook paper

If you’d like to have a Gold Hunt at your house too, check out our Leprechaun treasure hunt clues.

How to make leprechaun traps - St. Patrick's Day crafts

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  1. Awe…too cute! I miss the days when my kids were little enough to do this sort of thing with them! 🙂 – Karen

  2. I can’t wait to see the TV spot footage. What fun little traps. Clever, clever. (Though I am a little worried about the hole in the PediPed box making for a good escape hatch…)

    1. The hole is actually for air. Live leprechauns are much better than dead ones! Don’t worry a lot of thought and deliberation was put into that hole!

  3. I think the little pot of gold trap is awesome. Very cute and so many lovely little details. What a great idea for St. Patrick’s day. Thanks for sharing it.

    1. Oh we never catch one! Those leprechauns are sneaky little things! Most of the time the trap is tripped and evidence is left behind showing that it was close, but he got away. As much as my boys would love to catch a leprechaun they really enjoy plotting and trying to figure out how to improve their traps from the year before–it’s all about the chase!

  4. i also would like to know what you tell the kids when you didnt catch them i want my daughter to do this in her kindergarten room

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