Wooden Creamsicle Door Hanger

Hey guys! It’s Kari, from Life PreKARIous. I am SO ready for summer! How ’bout you? I love decorating for summer. Fall and Winter seem to get all the attention, but Summer decorating is really where it’s at! Just look this fun Wooden Creamsicle Door Hanger!

Wooden Creamsicle

Here’s what you’ll need…

(sandpaper and painters tape, too)

Wooden Creamsicle

I had some left over bead board from my play kitchen project , so I used that. I just drew my design right on the board and used my jigsaw to cut it out.

Wooden Creamsicle Door Hanger

Once I had them cut out, I used painters tape to tape off every other line. I used spray paint to paint them. After the paint was dry I removed the tape, sanded the edges and distressed the paint a little.

I used my jigsaw to round the end of a paint stirring stick, then attached it to the back with wood glue for the popsicle stick.

Wooden Creamsicle Door Hanger

Once the glue was dry I added a burlap bow using my glue gun.

I made a few and couldn’t decide which one I liked best.

Wooden Creamsicle Door Hanger

I even added one to a wreath I had. I love it!

Wooden Creamsicle Door Hanger

Now, after all that hard work I think we deserve an actual ice cold creamsicle. 😉


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