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After seeing Kirsten’s chipboard creation, I had to order a couple for myself at mayaroad.com. I couldn’t wait to make something cute. Since our Anniversary is today, I made this little book of 100 things I love about Brian. It was so simple and only took a couple of hours. I can’t wait to give it to him tonight.


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    What a great idea. Question for any of you: When you do digital LO for a board book or even the chipboard cards, do you just “glue” them on with the mod podge? Do you print them on an ink jet printer and if so does the mod podge cause the ink to run? Just wondering how that works.

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    Just stopped by your blog for the first time and coulnt get past the first post without leaving a comment. I was so excited. That is so cut eand your hubby will cherish it. How sweet that you made him something.

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    Thanks for the nice comments.To answer Marylee’s question, I used scrapbook sticky tape to glue on my digi pages and then I used modpodge over the top to seal the pages. I printed these particular pages on my HP photo printer at home but I usually send my stuff to costco. I wait a few hours, but I haven’t yet had the ink run when I apply the mod podge. Hope this helps!

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    Jamie, I could SO not do this! (I’m just not a crafter, but I admire those who do) Just wondering if you would consider doing one for me if I provided you with what I wanted it to say. I would be willing to pay you for your time and talent on top of the supplies that you would use.

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