Top Spring Sale Deals Day 1

Here are the top deals from Day 1 of the Amazon Spring Sale!

We have had so much fun showing you our top picks for this Spring Sale on Instagram and Facebook. Here are the hot buys from yesterday.

Items that are places on a whitebackground that are part of the Amazon sale.

This Electrice Spin Brush was a top seller yesterday, and for good reason. It is easy to use, has a long battery life, and has attachements that will help you clean so many different spaces in your home. I’m so glad this made the Spring Sale.

We are all quickly becoming huge pickleball fans. I know I probably don’t need another set of paddles, but these ones are so cute and fun to use. We like the Checkered Paddles and the Spring Rainbow (we like the Orange Rainbow ones too). Each of these sets comes with 4 cute paddles, 4 pickelball balls, and a carring bag to keep them all together!

These are some of my favorite sunglasses. They look really high-end but they are such a great price. There are a bunch of color options so you can choose what works best for you.

I’m so glad that this Neutrogena Sunscreen made this Spring Sale. I love stocking up on sunscreen for the spring and summer. And I love that this deal will help me accomplish that.

Everyone needs more socks in their life right? Well, in my house we just need to have more matching socks. I love these no-show socks that are anti-slide and all one color. That way matching becomes so much easier.

This is 3/4 Balloon Sleeve Dress is one of my favorite dresses I own. It is a super comfortable material, and comes in a variety of colors and strips. I love the sleeve length. Plus it has POCKETS.

There are so many cute patterns in this Square Neck Ruffle Sleeve Dress. It is so pretty and the colors are vibrant and lightweight.

If you need a new dress that is not only comfortable but will make you feel fantastic, this is the dress for you. It’s a Short Sleeve Tshirt dress with a cute tie waist. Oh and there are pockets.

I love having a nice wireless charger close by. Especially if it has my phone propped up so I can see it.

Our family uses our massage gun every night. Now is the time to buy one if you don’t have one.

Items that are places on a whitebackground that are part of the Amazon sale.

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