**Easy** & Tasty EASTER gift

Happy Easter this week.  To be honest, I haven’t even purchased any trinkets for my kids’ Easter baskets yet.  I hope Target’s dollar section has some goodies left for me, that’s so sad.  This is a fun and easy project.  I made 4 of them that I am giving to some of the ladies that I visit teach.  In the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, that just means the ladies that I visit each month and share a spiritual message and make sure they are doing fine.   Oh and one for my sister that SAVED me yesterday while I pampered my 4 sick kids, she deserves a medal.

HERE WE GO:  Grab some egg cartons.  This was perfect timing because I just put the unused eggs into a bowl so we can dye them this week.

Empty them like so.

Purchase a whole bunch of yummy Easter candy.  Those Cadbury Mini Eggs are naughty as we all know.

Choose an assortment of colors and textures.

I love the new pastel pink PEEPS, rather than the hot pink ones.  Call me a nerd.

Fill part of the spaces with half, plastic Easter eggs.

Then fill them up.  It’s fun to see all the candies and leave the other half of the plastic eggs off.

One of the cartons is like colors together and the other is more assorted, whatever floats your boat.

Yummy.  I do have to say that our family went on a “TREAT ONCE A WEEK” challenge yesterday….really bad timing.  I DIDN’T GET TO EAT ONE PIECE…BOO, I don’t want to talk about it.

Grab a fun piece of fabric.  This is a leftover piece from Quincie’s PLAY KITCHEN curtain.  I heart this fabric like crazy, giving up a smidgen is love.

Wrap your fabric around the egg carton.  You can make a thin strip or a thick.  I did both.

Tie a cute ribbon or whatever you have around.  Do you ever find that things turn out cuter when are are forced to look in your craft caverns and whip out a miracle?

Thicker fabric.

I love this quote by Joseph Chilton

“To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.”  LOVE IT.

Whatever you create, own it.



  1. Quinn says

    You should add Pinetrest on here so we can Pin your amazing ideas! I can’t wait until my son is older so I can do these wonderful ideas you have on here. I never would have thought to use an egg carton. :)

  2. Cindy says

    Cute, but unsanitary. The outsides of raw eggs are still pretty dirty even though they do get washed, they are far from clean. If you look closely at most eggs you will see that they have small amounts of chicken poop on them. Not something you want kids exposed to on Easter morning.


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