EASY Paracord Bracelet aka Safety Bracelets

I’ve been so excited to share this tutorial since I shared on INSTAGRAM (@craftykirsten) that I was making a whole host of these with my kids.  My 6-year old can weave these, and they are EASY & FUN.  If you ask me, it’s the perfect thing to do during this little bit of summer that’s left (if your kiddos haven’t started school yet).  My kids have made a little extra CASH from making these and selling them to their friends.

SUPPLIES (above):

  • each bracelet takes about 8′ of paracord
  • if you are using two colors you would need 4′ of each color
  • lighter
  • paracord buckles (you can purchase these online or in your local craft store)
  • scissors
CAREFULLY FOLLOW THE PICS, they are better than my word description…
**TIP:  Burn the ends with a lighter.  Make sure you burn the colored part of the cord and it will stick better.

**TIP:  to get the right length, go to step 12 and put it on the wrist of the person that will be wearing it and make sure there is room to comfortably place three fingers between the paracord and the wrist.

**TIP:  The color you want in the middle (red paracord in step 15) needs to be the first loop made each time you make a knot.  After each knot, you switch the red (or color you want in the middle) to the opposite side.  As you can see in step 18, the red is again the first loop, but it’s on the opposite side.

**TIP:  To complete the bracelet, cut the rope with a small amount of extra paracord and use the lighter to burn the ends.  Before the end of the paracord is done hardening (which happens quickly), wipe the melted end on a part of the bracelet that it can fasten to so it won’t come untangled.  Sand the end lightly if it’s jagged.

HAVE FUN WITH THESE…..these seem to be especially fun for boys, so let them go to town.  What is your go-to craft for boys?





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  1. says

    My Hannah jsut got one of these last night for her birthday. I am so hopping over to Hobby Lobby and getting the materials to make these!!!! Thanks for the tut!!

    and – Guess who is your newest follower over on Instagram? *waves*

    • Lena Verkuilen says

      Craft stores usually carry it, but I found 50′ hanks of it in assorted colors at the local Farm and Fleet (by flagging tape).

  2. Tiffany W says

    Do you by any chance have a PDF version of this, or some high quality pics I can print, I would love to take this to my next scout meeting to have my cub scouts make them before our campout, but they would each need a set of pics to work off of (all 20 of them am i ambitious or what!)

  3. Theresa Theresa says

    I was really looking forward to reading the instructions. However there are massive ad advertisements on each side of the page which hide half the directions. Can not read read them, can hardly even write this comment.

  4. Theresa says

    Wow! All I had to do was leave a comment and the page changed so I can see the directions.
    Seeing my previous posts with the repeat letters is funny, but I couldn’t see the letters as I was writing before.

  5. Tifanee Kula says

    Having a 7 yr. old boy soccer birthday party, and wanted to make them. Have you ever attached an item to them? (a soccer ball)

  6. Lyd says

    thanks for posting this! i couldnt figure out the cobra knot but took one look at this and was able to crank them out in no time :)

  7. Jaime says

    This is great! I need to try it. My 7 and 9 year old nieces would love to make them. Do you know if there is a way to make a hidden compartment on the bracelet? I thought it might be good for the kids to store some emergency money or an extra house key.


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