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Hi everyone! Kiki from Kiki and Company here to share a fun printable with you to help your kiddos get excited for all those Easter Egg Hunts coming up.  I don’t know about your kids, but mine LOVE everything Easter Bunny when March and April roll around, so today I thought I’d whip them up some fun Printable Easter Masks and give them to you too!

Free Easter Masks from kiki and company at the crafting chicks. LOVE these!

These Easter masks come in 2 sizes (Big for bigger kids and Small for your littles).  There is an Easter Bunny, a chick and a bird.

Free Easter Masks at thecraftingchicks.com CUTE!

The masks are super simple to put together.

Free Easter Masks at the crafting chicks. LOVE THESE!


Free printables at end of post



Hot glue

Cute kids  *not optional* 😉


1- Download and print out masks on a heavy cardstock paper.

2-Cut out the masks and eye holes.

3-Cut two pieces of ribbon about 12″ long.

4- Glue ribbon to the x’s on the sides of the mask.

5- Find that cute kiddo and let them be an Easter bunny, chick or bird and take lots of pictures!

Free Easter Masks at the crafting chicks. LOVE ALL OF THESE!

I also added the masks with eyes on them so your littles can wear them as a hat (in case they don’t want them over their eyes).

Free Easter Masks at the crafting chicks. SO CUTE!

To download the free Easter masks, click on the link below:


Bunny Mask- Big

Chick Mask- Big

Bird Mask- Big

Easter Masks- Small


Bunny Mask with eyes- BIG

Chick Mask with eyes- BIG

Bird Mask with eyes- BIG

Easter Masks with eyes- Small

Have a Happy Easter!


Ok, so i’m usually long-winded here and my goal today is to make it short and sweet for your sake ;).

I love these headbands so much!  I’ve always loved the classic look of a simple striped bow. Here’s my quick version.  If you want darling ribbon to work with, you can go to HairBowSuppliesEtc.

1.  Start with a foot and a half of ribbon and fold like so (with snake tongues cute out of each end).  Hot glue ribbon in the middle of the bow where everything comes together and on all layers.

2.  Wrap and glue one piece around the center. Done!!!

3. Glue along the metal headband and attach bow.

4.  Use one last piece of ribbon to glue onto the bottom side of the ribbon and over underside of the headband.


DONE.  Enjoy.