Holiday Greetings with Adobe Voice

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We are loving the new FREE app from Adobe.  Adobe Voice!  My family has had fun telling stories this week, especially my kids!  They love hearing their voice.

I thought this would be the perfect way to share a Holiday message with friends and family.  Sharing our Holiday Christmas Greeting below.  It took just minutes and is something friends and family will love seeing, but more importantly will be a little treasure for our family.


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The possibilities are endless when using Adobe Voice.  Some great ways we have thought of are:  a grandparent reading a story to a grandchild, a year in review, school projects, craft tutorials, and many more ideas!  Adobe Voice would also be a great tool for educators or business owners as well!

When my sister and I were little, we loved recording our voices on our pink “Ghetto Blaster’ (remember those children of the 80’s!)  We would listen to it over and over and thought it was so cool!

My kids wanted to tell their own little story and had so much fun using the App!  Hearing their little voices right now makes me happy…I can’t imagine what a treasure it will be to hear their little voices 20 years from now!  My 5 year old son made a story on how he loves being 5!  I had to share that as well today.  I love the words he used…on his own!  With little coaching.  He melts me and I will love to look back and hear his sweet 5 year old voice!

sm voice logan 1

Listen to his sweet voice!  My kids keep wanting to make more “stories.” Love this so much!

Adobe Voice is so user friendly!  My kids even caught on after a few minutes.

First you can choose your theme.  They have many to choose from.   The theme I chose was “simple.” sm themes adobe

Next, choose your layout.  You can choose a different layout for each of your pages in your slide show.

sm layouts adobe

For each page…you can upload photos (various ways to do that-see image below), or add an icon or text.

At the bottom of your screen, you can add or delete pages to your story.

The orange button is for recording.  Hold down to record.   I have added helpful tips for recording at the bottom of the post.

sm adobe infographic

You can add music using the files offered in the App.  There were a lot to choose from.  Or…you can add your own favorite music file!

sm music adobe

When you are all finished making your “Story,” you can upload and share in various ways!  See image below.  I also have included a link below to a tutorial on embedding your “voice” story code.

sm upload and share adobe

How to Make a Great Voice Video


  • Adobe offers pre-existing story templates.  A great tip is to outline your message before you start recording so you have a plan for what to say during each part of your story.
  • Audio – Some great tips for Audio & Sound…Record your voiceover in the same location, in one session, about six inches away from your I Pad.  Also, record in a quiet room with no ambient noise.   If you need to record in a louder spot, plug an external microphone into your iPad.
  • Let Transitions Linger – Because the transitions are fast in Voice, a tip for creating a smooth video would be to allow a one second pause before releasing the button. You can also include slides with no audio if you’d like and can adjust the amount of time on the slide by changing the duration in the time icon.
  •    Music – You’re now able to add in your own songs
  • Pick appropriate music, and make sure to adjust the music volume so your voice is clearly audible


  • Use unique, compelling visuals – pick a different image or icon for every slide.  Images – Pan & Zoom – pan across an image in your Voice videos, and then zoom in on a specific person, place or thing
  • Be aware of slide timing – each phrase should fit naturally with a new image.  10 seconds or less per slide is recommended, but don’t make your phrases too short or your video will feel choppy
  • Keep your video brief! 2 minutes or less is ideal


  • For websites, family blogs, or businesses…you can embed your video into your website or blog!  Fantastic! It is so easy!  Here is a tip on embedding.
  • Sharing with Social Media: After your finish your recording, you will have an option to upload it to FB, share it on Twitter, message it or send it in an email!  Great for sharing with family and friends!

Now a challenge to our readers!  Download the FREE app today and try making a holiday message for friends and family!  We would love to see yours!  Hashtag your holiday greetings with #craftingchicksvoice.

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Have Yourself A “Crafty” Little Christmas *Free Printable Gift Tag

sm crafty tag 1

Last month we shared this at Tatertots and Jello!  We love Jen and her amazing site. Today I’m sharing a free printable gift tag for you!  A Christmas gift tag to go along with any crafty gift.  You can attach this to a kid craft, diy kit, or craft supply, etc.   You can download my printable tags below.  Personal use only please:) This tag is fun to tie onto washi tape too!  I have some creative friends who would love a gift like this. Some of the best kid gifts are ones that promote creativity!  Another cute idea is a gingerbread craft kit…add to a mini stocking.  Thanks for letting me share this fun gift idea with you today!  Merry Christmas! Pin It

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DIY Ninja Turtle Ornaments

sm ninja turtle ornaments 1

My little 5 year old boy loves Ninja Turtles.  For his playgroup this month, we had to make some Ninja Turtle ornaments!  It was so easy and fun! Supplies you need to make Ninja Turtle Ornaments: Green ornament balls (I found a big plastic tote of them for 4.97 at Walmart!) Ribbon 1/2 in wide in Blue, Red, Orange, & Purple (Found at Michaels Craft Store) Hot Glue or Elmer’s Glue & Google Eyes (ones that fit inside your ribbon) If you do Large ornament balls, you will of course want wider ribbon and bigger eyes:) Just string glue around the middle of the ornament ball.  Slowly add your ribbon leaving a 3 inch piece on each end.  Tie the two 3 inch piece ends together  in a double knot.  Add google eyes! You have some adorable Ninja Turtle ornaments & a happy little boy (or girl!)  We even made a mini tree for my little boys room!  Such a [Read More…]

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Under The Mistletoe Candle and Gift Tag


This post is sponsored by Glade. The opinions and text are all mine. We are excited to join with 19 other Amazing Bloggers today for a Christmas Blog Round Robin… Home for the Holidays! Each blogger will share a Christmas post that you won’t want to miss. You’re going to see Christmas crafts, Recipes, Printables and Decorating ideas! We’ve made it fun and super easy. Just check out my Christmas post below and then clink on the link to see what the next bloggers has up her sleeves.  By the end, you will have seen 20 darling Christmas ideas! Enjoy! One of my favorite ways to celebrate this holiday season is with scents. I usually run to Target and gather an armful of holidays scents to fill my home with the joys of the season! I usually have a pine, baking, and cranberry type scent that I alternate burning depending on what I’m doing that day. I love it! I [Read More…]

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Wishing You A Berry Christmas Gift Tag


  I was walking through Michaels the other day and found these adorable red berry containers! It was love at first sight! A Christmas gift idea was brewing and I love the outcome! I came home and worked out this fun printable tag, which you can download below. Then I dipped some strawberries in chocolate.  If you need tips on melting chocolate in your microwave, use these tips from Kirsten. It’s my go to for chocolate melting info. I shredded some green paper for the filler, and placed my berries inside.  Use some bakers twine to add the tag and there you have it! Another fun last minute gift for those you really love!  Let’s be honest, if you get chocolate from me there is love there! Please feel free to use our download for personal, non-commercial use.  Please link back to us if you post online. Pin It

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Apple Crisp a la mode

Apple Crisp

Sponsored post by Lunchbox, all opinions are 100% my own. When temperatures start to drop Apple Crisp becomes one of my favorite comfort foods. Probably because it was my mom’s go to treat on snowy Sunday afternoons. The apples, the cinnamon, the nutmeg, and the crisp–oh the crisp! I could eat it by the spoonful with or without the apples! Peel and slice apples. One of those peel, slicer, corer things would be handy to use right about now! Slice the apples into 1/4″ thick pieces.. Add spices, flour, brown sugar, butter and a bit of water. Toss the apples until it is all mixed  together and pour in pan. Place pan on a parchment or foil lined baking sheet just in case it bubbles over. For the crisp you’ll need more cinnamon, nutmeg, brown sugar, old fashioned oats, flour and melted butter. Stir together. Top apples with the crisp mixture and bake at 350 for 60 minutes (or until [Read More…]

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Raspberry Sauce // DIY Gift

featured image raspberry sauce

Hello there!  It’s me again, Katie from The Casual Craftlte.  Today I am sharing a homemade idea for the holidays.  This Raspberry Sauce DIY Gift is perfect for topping cheesecake, ice cream, yogurt and more.  Plus, I have included labels which you can print later in this post.   I love the idea of making raspberry sauce for Christmas.  It says “Happy Holidays” with it’s vibrant red color.  The recipe I used makes approximately 6 oz, which is the exact size of mason jars I bought. In a medium sauce pan on the stove, combine 2 1/2 teaspoons cornstarch, 3 tablespoons granulated sugar and 1/3 cup water. Add 12 oz of thawed raspberries and cook over medium heat. Stir constantly until the mixture boils, mashing the raspberry with the back of a spoon. Once the mixture is boiling, cook and stir for one additional minute.  Strain the sauce through a fine mesh sieve placed over a bowl to remove seeds. [Read More…]

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Christmas Festive Ice Cream Bars

magnum bar sm header

Target and Magnum are celebrating the chocolate lover in all of us this season.  Forget cookies this year…Santa is getting these this year!  Festive delicious ice cream bars!  I’m excited to share how easy it was to whip up this fancy treat! What you need: Magnum White Bars (these are so beyond delicious by themselves) Festive toppings: Peppermint candies crushed up Candy Cane Candy Melts Green Food Coloring A pastry bag to pipe on the chocolate Melt the candy cane candy melts in your microwave (checking and stirring every 10-15 seconds).  Add green food coloring and blend thoroughly.  Place this in a pastry bag…or ziploc bag and cut the tip.  Using the bag, create green stripes on each bar.  Then…sprinkle on the crushed peppermint.  Delicious!  This would also be a perfect treat for any holiday party!  Keep these babies frozen until your are ready to enjoy!   They also look so pretty on a festive Christmas plate. This is the season [Read More…]

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Candy Cane Brownies

Candy Cane Brownies

Are you familiar with Mint Brownies? You know, the ones with the green layer? For some reason the green mint always reminds me of toothpaste, and if there’s one thing I don’t want with my brownie it is toothpaste! These Candy Cane Brownies have all the peppermint goodness, but with a soft pink center! The key is Peppermint Kisses! But before I get ahead of myself, you’ll first need your favorite brownie recipe as the base. And if you want to know a little secret, this is my favorite brownie recipe–BUT I use a box mix for these. Thank you Betty Crocker! Whichever way you decide to go, homemade or from the box just make sure you’ve got a 9×13″ pan of brownies to work with.   For the filling you’ll need 36-48 unwrapped Candy Cane Kisses. Melt in the microwave 20 seconds at a time, stir in between nuking. The red striped melt into pink and the little but [Read More…]

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