Flower Topped Pencils

Pencil Posies

Disclosure: This is post is part of Michael’s #createtoeducate campaign and I received a gift card for my supplies. All opinions are mine.


Pencil Posies

Here’s a cute little back to school gift that is completely applicable and useful for the classroom!


Pencil Posies


Americana Chalky Finish Paint

6″ Double-Sided Cardstock


Mason Jar

Bakers Twine

Cricut Explore

Step 1:

Paint the jar with the the Americana Chalky Finish paint and while it is drying we’ll work on the flowers.

Pencil Posies

Step 2:

First, cut flowers out. I used a Cricut Explore and one of their 3D flowers. The hole is already in the middle and was the perfect size to fit over the eraser. I cut 5 layers that gradually get smaller from double sided cardstock. All 5 flowers fit perfectly on the 6″ cardstock, which was perfect! I love double sided cardstock because the colors always coordinate and you can get a different patterns without having to load and cut a ton of paper in the Cricut.

Pencil Posies

Once the flowers are cut, crumple them. This will give them dimension and texture.


See how they no longer lay flat and the petals go both up and down.

Pencil Posies

Then simply slide the petals over the eraser and arrange so that the edges alternate and you can see the scalloped edges.

Pencil Posies

Place flowers in the painted jar and tie up with baker’s twine.

Pencil Posies

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DIY Wooden Quote Board

_MG_1236 copy

In celebration of the “Muppets Most Wanted” movie, I created a craft with my favorite quote from the ever-so-wise and sweet Muppets_Most_Wanted=Print=Title_Treatment===Worldwide=4CKermet The Frog!!! There is a new movie coming out with Kermet and the rest of the awesome Muppets crew.   “Muppets Most Wanted is available on Blu-ray Combo Pack and Digital HD August 12th at Disney.com.” “Two Frogs! One Pig! Intrigue! Music! Mayhem! Muppets! (Although this post is sponsored, but my thoughts are entirely my own.) About the movie: There’s plenty of fun for the whole family as Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Animal and the entire Muppets gang head out on a world tour. But mayhem follows the Muppets, as they find themselves unwittingly entangled in an international crime caper. Now Kermit is behind bars at the mercy of prison warden Nadya (Tina Fey), and the World’s Number One Criminal, Constantine—a dead ringer for Kermit—has taken his place. As Constantine and his dastardly sidekick Dominic (Ricky Gervais) plot the [Read More...]

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Cinnamon Toast Crunch White Chocolate Popcorn

Sweet and salty, totally fun Cinnamon Toast Crunch white chocolate popcorn!

Hi everyone! It’s Keri from Shaken Together and I’m back with another super fun no-bake treat that is perfect for your Summer road trips, pool parties or movie nights: Cinnamon Toast Crunch White Chocolate Popcorn!! Now, my boys could live on cereal. They go through cereal and almond milk like it’s their job!  We are equal opportunity cereal lovers, but hands down, Cinnamon Toast Crunch is a family fave.  My hubby has even been known to sneak out for a little bowl in the wee hours of the night! Since we love the mix of sweet and salty when it comes to snacks {like these triple buttered popcorn sundaes!}, it was only natural that I added our favorite sweet cinnamon cereal to a bag of salty buttery popcorn!  And made it even more delicious with a generous drizzle of white chocolate! If it has cereal in it, does it count as breakfast?!  You can decide, but if you smell popcorn in the morning [Read More...]

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Graphic Painted Pillow


Yo! I’m Dena from Hearts & Sharts and today I’m sharing how easy it is to make a graphic painted pillow to match any room in your home. First, measure your pillow insert and cut two squares of fabric one inch larger than your pillow insert. I use the 20″ x 20″ pillow inserts from Ikea, they’re a super deal at $3.99, but they’re actually 18″ x 18″. So, I cut my fabric 1″ larger than my pillow, two pieces of white canvas, both 19″ x 19″. Using your preferred width of painter’s tape, start with a diagonal line in any direction. Get crazy. Use a scrap piece of tape to keep the lines equidistant. Change directions a few times and mix it up until you get a pattern you like. I painted this pillow using leftover latex paint from a dresser in our bedroom that I recently finished. This is a foolproof way to get a pillow that matches your furniture perfectly. When [Read More...]

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Fabric Button Earrings

featured image fabric button earrings

Hey lovelies!  It’s me again, Katie from The Casual Craftlete.  I am beyond excited to share these super cute Fabric Button Earrings with you all today!  I have done a lot of crafts in my life but this might be my favorite so far.  These earrings are so modern and classy looking.  Plus, they are incredibly easy to make, with no sewing required.  I banged out four of them in no time.  It’s also a great project to use up any scrap fabric you have laying around and they make great gifts too! Earrings are the one piece of jewelry I regularly have on and when I don’t, I feel bare without them.  Studs are my go to and that’s what you will typically see me wearing.  I just like the look and feel of them better then dangly earrings.  Just recently I had a birthday (31) and wanted to make some modern earrings for myself. Let’s get started! MATERIALS: [Read More...]

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Pink Lemonade Pie

featured pic

Hi there! Its Ali again from Dream Crafter. Today I’m going to be showing you one of my favorite summer recipes: Pink Lemonade Pie. This is one of those desserts that isn’t overly sweet which is really great news for those of us who like to eat the whole pie in one sitting. Here’s how ya do it: INGREDIENTS: 1 frozen concentrate pink lemonade, 1 carton of vanilla ice cream, 1 (8 oz) container of Cool Whip, pre-made graham cracker crust, extra graham crackers for crumbling. INSTRUCTIONS: Start by mixing together the pink lemonade, ice cream and cool whip in a large bowl. It sort of helps to let it all melt together on the counter so it mixes better. At this point, feel free to take lots of bites. The filling is more that the pie crust can handle but not quite enough to make two pies. So I always take on the responsibility of cleaning the bowl out. [Read More...]

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DIY Pinwheel Baby Headbands

Do It Yourself Pinwheel Baby Headband

Hey friends! It’s Abbey here from The Cards We Drew and I’m excited to be sharing a fun baby headband tutorial today! I have a four month old little girl at home and while there are TONS of shops that make beautiful headbands, I find that the pricetag is a little high considering I can DIY a lot of those myself. So today I thought I’d share a quick and easy tutorial for making baby headbands! These headbands take about 20 minutes to make and you can use old fabric scraps for the material! Tools/Materials Needed: Fabric of your choice (3-6 fabrics work best) Glitter elastic (JoAnn’s carries it in their notions department in different colors and textures) Scissors Hot Glue Pen for tracing Buttons or other “doo-dads” for decorating the center of the pinwheel Downloadable Pinwheel Template (below) sized in Microsoft Word How To: You want to start by saving this Pinwheel Template to your computer. You can insert [Read More...]

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{EASY Mini Cheesecakes}


Hey friends!  Many months ago I started working on a cookbook compiled of my grandmother’s fantastic and amazing recipes.  My grandmother is 94 and she really is an amazing cook and has taught all of her four daughters to also be amazing cooks.  I didn’t really realize how lucky I was until I got older and realized that even though I didn’t grow up cooking a lot, I was able to catch on quickly as an adult.  I really have a few people to thank for that…my mother, her mother and all my aunts for all the good cooking i’ve experienced in my life.  I know what good food is supposed to taste like.  I guess you could say, i’ve been trained.  This recipe book is unique and very special and dear to my heart.  It’s all of our favorite recipes compiled as well as the stories to go along with them.  It’s an undertaking, but so rewarding.  For this project, we have been [Read More...]

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Easy (One Hour) Serving Tray

Easy 1x10 Serving Tray (31)

Hello Crafting Chicks readers! Amanda here – from The Contractor Chronicles – again to share another fun project and some expertise about using your tools! Today we are going to use 2 tools – our miter box and drill – to make an easy one hour 1×10 serving tray. Supplies Needed: 1×10 Stain Spray Paint Sand Paper 2 3” Cabinet Pulls (for handles) Paint Tape Glass Jar Head on over to Home Depot and pick up a 1×10 – it doesn’t need to be very long because we are going to use our miter box and cut it to about 18” long. I just sort of eyed how long I wanted it and cut it. If your board is too wide for your miter box you can use this trick to cut it. After I cut the wood, I stained it “cherry” by Minwax. After the stain was dry, I used painters tape and tapped off the edges. I did one strip down the side and did [Read More...]

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Summertime Scattergories Free Printable

sm summer scattegories 2

My kids love playing Scattergories…but this little twist is a fun version, especially for smaller children and larger groups.  We are playing this tonight for family night.  Perfect time to share my summertime version.  I will be sharing our other theme scattergories throughout the year. How to Play! Set the Timer…choose a time (we say 10-15 minutes because our kids are small) But for older children you could set it for less time. For pairs and older children, 3-5 minutes is fun…then they have to think fast!  Or work in pairs!  Pairs are super fun in this game.  So in 10 minutes you have to write down as many summer words you can think of A-Z.  When the time is up, each player shares what word they chose for each letter.  If no other player used their summer word, they get a point!  No points for blank lines.  Add up the points and see who wins. I love games that [Read More...]

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