To start the Christmas season, I made each of our primary kids a DIY Advent Calendar to give them today (so they can start the countdown to Christmas tomorrow).

You can find them on Alma Loveland’s blog. I did change the colors to be more traditional Christmas colors, and then printed them off on cardstock (10×7″), cut around the ornaments, and stuck the 2 pieces together with double sided tape.

Because we teach 5 year olds, the activities under the flaps are very simple, free, and things that need little supervision. I am excited to make a larger one for our family with different activities and hopefully start a tradition with our little family.

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  1. Love the advent calendar!

  2. That is super cute!

  3. LOVE IT!

  4. I really like what you did with the advent calendar. I am a little clueless, how did you change the colors? I already did the whole download thing, but I want to change the colors like you did. This is a cute blog, by the way.

  5. Way cute!!!

  6. Adamzes-I changed the colors using the paint bucket in Photoshop.

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