OK, so I can’t help but be excited about SPRING.  I also can’t help but laugh my head off when Jamie came up with the saying, “HIPPITY HAPPITY SPRING”.  If you don’t know Jamie Jo and the rest of the chicks, Nik, Brooke, Beck and I (Kirsten), we are kind of silly and crazy at times….cats out of the bag :).  Anyhow, I heard ducks honking and flying over my house in the middle of the night over to the ponds by my house….SPRING IS HERE!!

Jamie JO JO and I went on Channel 2’s FRESH LIVING SHOW HERE where we appear once a month.  On Monday, we did Spring ideas and this wreath was on the show with us along with some crazy cute printable from Jamie (linked above.)


1.  I found these green pants ($2.30 from Downeast) and cut the legs up in strips…..wrapped them around a stray wreath form ($2 Hobby Lobby).

These pants are MISFITS from Downeast….JCREW brand and they just didn’t fit me right.  At $2.30 I couldn’t resist…..hmmm I could use that fabric, YES.

Here’s the aftermath of the massacre…..WHACK….CHOP…..pants don’t you talk back…..

(and don’t you worry, I won’t be wearing this green mini anywhere around the town)

I found these birds ($1.99 from Hobby Lobby wedding section) as well as the pearls on wire…sold in bunches (cheap).

I found this cute polka dotted fabric from Hobby Lobby as well.

And the bird’s nests were in the floral section at Hobby Lobby as well.  They are kind if a whitish color in real life.

I must admit that I tried something else in the beginning and I had to rip it apart…..but then came up with this.  It was a crafting nightmare if you will.  A hot mess.

Then the other fabric I found at Hobby Lobby and there you have it.  Get your little hot glue gun out and glue down the town.

I rest these both on the table in my front entry.

What’s in your house that you could rip apart and use the fabric for something prettier?

I have been really starring at the thrift store pile and old clothes at my house with curious eyes…..and you?

Hippity Happity Spring my friends 🙂




  1. Those turned out darling. So springy…

  2. wow, I love this idea! I use the same technique to fine fabrics and embellishments for handbags! LOTS of thrift shop goodies combined with oddments from just about anywhere! I will get right on this! The birds are wonderful; hope the eggs hatch!

  3. so so pretty!! :o)

  4. So funny-I was just today thinking I need to sneak stuff out of the Goodwill pile to make t-shirt poms. Maybe I should do this, too. I need a Spring wreath.

  5. […] to summer but mixing it a bit with Spring.  I made this wreath last year out of a pair of pants HERE and it needed a little love…what do YOU […]

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