Thank You Tags – Free Printables are perfect to add to gifts and presents for any occasion.

Thank You Tags - Free Printables from for

Hello there!  It’s Katie from The Casual Craftlete.  I hope you all have been enjoying your summer.  Today I am sharing a few Free Printable Thank You Tags that I have created.  I am a sucker for all occasion crafts and printables.  A lot of times special occasions sneak up on me and I like to have some thank you tags on hand for when that happens.  These thank you tags can be added to gift bags, packages, cards and more.  You can even print several of the Thank You tags and bundle them together with paper favor bags, twine and clothespins and use for a personalized favor packaging gift set.

Thank You Free Printables

I thought since school will be starting shortly, these thank you tags would be nice to add to a teachers gift this school year.  It’s a nice little way to say you are grateful for all their hard work.  I  like adding some small sweet treat to a polka dot kraft bag.  Then I attached the coral thank you tag to a larger tag I made using floral scrapbook paper.  This gives the tag dimension and color.

Free Printable Thank You Tags

For me there are so many times when I want to say thank you with a little gift and these tags make such a wonderful addition. I love making brownies or a plate of cookies and dropping it off to say thank you. It’s nice to quickly grab one of these tags and attach it with a clothespin or some bakers twine and you are all set!

Free Printable Thank You Tags by for

I have made three different designs for you to print.  Two of the designs have black typograph with pretty floral frames.  I recommended printing those on kraft cardstock.  I just like the natural look and the brown kraft makes the black ink stand out.  For some fun and color, I made the third design in coral.  Right now coral is my favorite color and just happens to be trendy.  I recommended printing the coral color thank you tag on white cardstock.  Each thank you tag is approximately 2 inches in size.  You can use any 2 inch or larger shape punch to cut the tags out.  The round tags would be cute to use as a seal on a card envelope.

To download the tags, simply click the links below and always remember these printables are for personal use only.




Thank You Tags - Free Printables by for

Thanks for letting me share my Thank You Tags – Free Printables with you.  I hope you are able to use these sweet little tags to brighten someones day.

For more crafty ideas check out my blog, The Casual Craftlete.

Top 5 Decorating Tips

Over the years I have learned, studied and pick up tips on decorating. I have a few of my own top 5 decorating tips and suggestions that I am excited to share with you today!  Really… decorating can be a lot of trial and error, but for the most part if you develop tips and tricks that can define your personal taste and style, it makes decorating not as overwhelming! rugs Rugs have always played a huge role in my decorating. I use rugs for that fun pop of color. Today’s trends seem to be very neutral, which I LOVE, but I don’t want to forgo what defines my own personal style, which for me is COLOR. I just can’t live without it! So by neutralizing the room and adding fun patterns and a pop of color, it creates warmth and defines my personal style! Another tip about rugs is the size. If you go too small you can make a room look smaller.  Interesting enough, by going large you actually open up the space. In dining rooms in particular it always looks a lot better to have a large rug to cover the legs of the chairs, even when they are pushed out. Another space is in the living room; the ideal size is usually big enough that all legs of the furniture are on top of the rug.

Here is a fun rug I added in my boys’ room! BLOG8 wasll I adore wall decor…clocks, pictures, shelves the list goes on. The biggest thing to watch for when hanging wall decor is the height. The mistake I see happen a lot is pictures and clocks are hung too high. The rule of thumb is to hang items at eye level.  The pictures become more personal and you won’t find yourself straining your neck to find out what time it is:)  One more tip I personally use when it comes to wall decor. Don’t be afraid to use big items in small spaces. One big bold item on the wall can sometimes be all you need to finish the space.

Here is a perfect example from my office; the big clock was all the wall needed! OFFICE3 light Lighting is a big one for me! I like to find affordable ways to get great lights in our home. I know that lights can be PRICEY!!! I found by using outdoor lights (from Lowes and Home Depot), even online that you can get a really great look for a lot cheaper. I would have to say the majority of the lights in my home are outdoor lights. I feel like they add that farm house, industrial look I love so much!

Another tip for lighting: don’t settle. If you have your heart set on a light. Just wait and save ’til you can get it. Lights are something you see and walk by EVERYDAY. I like to put my lighting budget into the main room rather than the rest of the house. Anyone that steps into your home will see these lights and you definitely want them to make a statement, along side your furniture and decor!

Untitled I have a weakness for pillows. I very well have TOO MANY pillows. But pillows are the jewelry to your furniture. Pillows bring in character, color and pattern. I love to play with color and go as bold as my heart allows. Don’t be afraid of pillows and don’t limit yourself to all the same size pillows either; have fun and show your personality! I love to mix high-end pillows with low-end. Target is such an affordable place to pick up a great pillow if you want to change it up. I also love to switch out my pillows for the holidays. It’s great to have certain pillows for certain holidays. Makes seeing them again all the more special!

Here is a picture of my friend’s sofa. I love how she mixed all kinds of colors and shapes! IMG_1959.JPG trim I know… I know…Trimwork is pricey, especially if you hire it out. But hear me out… sometimes it REALLY is worth the price! It can TRANSFORM the space and by the time you buy decor to cover that one wall…you might want to put a pencil to paper and just see? There are so many GREAT trim tutorials out there, and the transformation is amazing!  What trim does to a space is makes it go from flat to 3D. It adds warmth, depth and interest.  Even a little bit of trim can add sooo much!!!

On my instagram feed I just posted this “before and after” of my front room. hhjfhk Well there they are… my top 5 decorating tips.

Happy Decorating!

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Hi everyone! I hope your summer has been amazing.I’m Kiki from Kiki and Company and we are in full denial that summer is almost over and it’s almost time to head back to school. School is just around the corner and I am trying to squeeze as much time with my kiddos that I can before we are back in full swing again. One of my kids favorite things is to find these sweet little notes in their lunch. It makes them smile and remember how much I love them and is just a fun way to keep their spirits up! How fun are these:

Back to school Lunchbox Laughs.


To use these notes is super simple. Simply download, print and cut out the notes. Then write a sweet little note to your child on the back and place it in their lunch or in their bag.

To download this freebie, click on the link below:

Back to School Lunchbox Laughs

I hope you have the best start to school this year!

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I’m so excited to join in Riley Blake’s Back to School Blog Tour! We sure love that we get to work with such an amazing company.


For my Back to School project I choose to make some cute lounge pants for my daughter. I wanted to use a soft knit and once I saw this fun aztec print from Carley Griffith I had to have it.


First off, I have to say that I am NOT a pattern designer–YET. So I went in search of the best pattern I could find that that happened to be these Lazy Days Lounge Pants from Gracious Threads found on etsy.

il_570xN.632485255_h8e0 Of course I began with printing everything out and gathering all my supplies and following the great step-by-step instruction like pre washing fabric.


I’m not going to go into deep detail in this post because I purchased this pattern and would encourage you to do the same if you’d like to make these pants. Well worth the $7.50 since you can make pants for sizes 2T-12 with this one pattern.  (I might try to even make me a pair.)


Let’s talk about this amazing fabric. Riley Blake makes amazing and high quality knit. Not that flimsy stuff you can get at some stores. This is the good knit. And the fabric designs are so beautiful.


I made these pants in one afternoon and only had to unpick once. That’s like a record for me.


And now my oldest has a comfy pair of Aztec Lounge Pants to sport around.


She honestly wouldn’t take them off.






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Back to School Giveaway! Kids are back in school, or will be soon, and it’s time for parents to kick back and take a two minute breather.
Back to School time in my house seems to drain a lot of our cash. Between new school clothes, school supplies, back packs, lunch boxes, donations, and all the other miscellaneous expenses that seem to pop up, my check book takes a big hit!
Well, you are in luck this year! We’ve decided to partner up with some of our blogging friends to offer all of you a chance to win $500 worth of goodies from Amazon! Who couldn’t use an extra $500?
Be sure to use the widget below to enter :)
Good luck, friends!

Back to School Giveaway!

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Hey! It’s Kari from Life PreKARIous! I am so excited to show you this fun DIY Beverage Tray, today! This summer has gone by way to fast and I’m determined to make what’s left of it the best ever! Nothing quite says summer like an ice cold lemonade on the porch, right?

DIY Beverage Tray

I used a round piece of wood called a “project panel” I found at Home Depot. First, I painted the whole thing with a spray primer. Then, I drew my design on with pencil.

DIY Beverage Tray

I had some left over bright yellow latex paint from painting my front door, so I used that as well as some white acrylic paint. To get the textured look, I painted in layers and embraced the visible brush strokes that usually make me cringe!

DIY Beverage Tray

After I finished painting, I topped it off with two coats of high gloss polyurethane.

DIY Beverage Tray

After the polyurethane dried I added the cabinet door handles.

DIY Beverage Tray

The screws were a little bit too long so I had my husband grind them down a little.

DIY Beverage Tray

I think the lemon is perfect for summer, but you could do almost anything! A jack-o-lantern one for Halloween and a peppermint one Christmas would be SO fun!

Lemonade, anyone?

DIY Beverage Tray

DIY Beverage Tray

Hop over to Life PreKARIous to try my yummy Sparking Lemonade recipe!


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This post is brought to you by HI-CHEW.


My kids went back to school last week, and as ready as we were for a little routine and more structure in our days it is hard to have your sidekicks gone all day. I miss our lunch conversations and knowing what they are up to and how there day is going. I designed a few HI-CHEW lunchbox notes to go along with their favorite candy that I can add on days they might be worried, or when I just want them to know I love them and are thinking of them!


Are you familiar with HI-CHEW? It’s the #1 selling candy in Japan, but hasn’t been available in the USA for very long (just since 2008). It has a very unique chewy texture and fruity flavor.

HI-CHEWs have a long lasting chewy texture and are made with real fruit juice and contain no artificial coloring. They are also gluten free!


In the USA there are 5 main flavors of HI-CHEW available; strawberry, grape, cherry, mango and green apple. Grape is by far the favorite in our house! They also come in a regular mix (strawberry, grape, green apple,) and a tropical mix (mango, melon, banana) and you can pick up a 500 gram mix bag from Costco.


I love you “berry” much!


Have a “grape” day!


You are the APPLE of my eye!


man-GO be awesome today!




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Store Locator

History of HI-CHEW

HI-CHEW Computer Wallpapers

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back to school muffins toppers

We go easy with our Back to School Breakfast, since the morning can be so crazy.  Here is a fun thing to add to any box muffin mix to give it that fun “back to school” spin!

sm back to school muffins 1

“Back to School” Muffin toppers!  You can find these mini chalkboard picks at Michaels craft store.  If you can find some on a tooth pick great!  I just took the long ones, and cut them down.
sm back to school muffins 4

Using a chalk marker, you can add “back to school” sayings, or even your kids’ names and the grade they will be starting.

sm back to school muffins 5

Add to the top of your muffins…for breakfast or to cupcakes for dessert!   The kids will think you went all out…but it really just takes minutes.

sm back to school muffins 6

Plus mini chalkboards are extremely cute!

sm back to school muffins 2 sm back to school muffins 3

Happy Back to School!  Also, check out these fun ideas below!  All great for kicking off the school year.

Back to School Breakfast sm school breakfast 4

Back to School Dinner back to school dinner-6492


First Day of School Signs
sm school signs

Days of the Weeks Tags (For labeling outfits and saving time in the morning:) sm tags 8

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Hi! My name is Emily and I blog all the things (but mostly food…and mostly desserts) over at Is This Really My Life. I absolutely love when Crafting Chicks put together an awesome series like this summer’s Mother Hen’s Summer Survival Guide. And then I love it even more when they ask if I’d like to participate.

Heck to the yes!

Don’t tell, but I pretend the Crafting Chicks have adopted me. All the time.

I was super excited to come up with a recipe to go with a garden theme. I was pretty sure it would be cupcakes because my daughter’s birthday is in August and she’s all about the cupcakes. But what kind of garden-y cupcakes would an 8-year-old love? Butterfly cupcakes, of course!

Butterfly Cupcakes - unbelievably easy to make and so much fun to eat!

You know what I love most about these butterfly cupcakes? They’re crazy easy even if you make the cupcakes and frosting from scratch. For this batch I used a boxed mix because my homemade cupcakes tend to sink (I have yet to get them right) and no one was the wiser. I paired them with my favorite homemade vanilla frosting, which I colored a light blue for the sky.

The pretzel wings (white fudge Flipz + colored sugar) took only a couple minutes to make and are seriously tasty— I highly recommend making a few extra so you can snack on them while assembling the cupcakes. Or you can take the extras and dip them in the leftover frosting. I won’t judge.

To make the wings, simply lay out your sets of pretzels and lightly mist with water. Gently sprinkle colored sugar over the pretzels covering them as best you can. Let dry before placing on cupcakes.

Butterfly Cupcakes - how to easily make glittery wings.

For the butterfly body, I found these super cute colored pearls at my local grocery store. They are Celebration by SweetWorks and were packaged individually. But you can use any pearls or mini candy or fancy frosting tip if you’d like.

Butterfly Cupcakes - unbelievably easy to make and so much fun to eat!

I was hoping I could prop up the wings a bit but the pretzels were too heavy and the frosting too fluffy, but I think they still turned out adorable. Livi was super happy with them, and that’s all that really matters.

Butterfly Cupcakes - unbelievably easy to make and so much fun to eat!

Butterfly Cupcakes
Makes approx. 2 dozen.


  • 1 box rainbow chip (aka funfetti) cake mix plus ingredients to make cupcakes OR your favorite homemade recipe
  • 3/4 cup unsalted butter, room temperature
  • 3 cups powdered sugar
  • 2 T milk
  • 2 tsp vanilla
  • 1/8 tsp salt
  • 3 to 4 drops blue food coloring
  • 48 white chocolate-dipped pretzels (I used white fudge Flipz)
  • Colored sugar
  • Colored pearls
  • Black or brown frosting for the antennae


  1. For cupcakes, mix and bake cake mix according to package directions. Cool cupcakes completely before frosting.
  2. While cupcakes are baking and cooling, prepare your sparkly wings. Lay the pretzels flat side down on paper towels (see photo above) and lightly mist with water. Sprinkle colored sugar on the pretzels covering them as best you can. Let dry before placing on cupcakes.
  3. For frosting, beat the butter on medium speed for about 2 minutes until creamy. Add powdered sugar, milk, vanilla, salt and food coloring and beat on high speed for 3 minutes. Add more sugar if frosting is too thin, more milk if too thick. Frost cooled cupcakes.
  4. To assemble butterflies, place colored pearls in a line down center of cupcakes. Attach a set of wings as shown and finish them off by piping antennae on the top.


If you love cupcakes as much as I do, I’ve shared quite a few cupcake recipes on my site including these seasonal peach cobbler cupcakes. Mmm…

Peach cobbler cupcakes - a hint of peach flavor in the cupcakes and peach preserves in the center.

I love being social! Feel free to connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ and YouTube!

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Hi! I’m Kimbo from a girl and a glue gun and I’m super excited to be here! I’ve got a super fun craft for you today–Kid painted garden markers…made from paint sticks! Kid Painted Garden Markers squash I did not steal these. I’m just a hoarder….(and it’s not limited to paint sticks.) So slowly and surely I’ve saved these….but I’m sure Home Depot would let you have some. Our store has the nicest workers! paint stick

I gave each a coat of spray paint to cover up the designs. (kids could do this with regular paint!) painted paint sticks

Then it was time for them to decorate! Here’s the things with letting your kids paint. They love it…and they start out decorating and making designs and then it slowly becomes covered with all the paint mixed together.

And that’s fine. I don’t like to micro manage–I want the kids to be able to create without me over their shoulder!

But I do have a little secret.–I don’t let them use any dark colors. One drop of brown or black and no matter what colors you have it’s going to look like poop (the color)

I try to use bright fun colors. And white is a great color! You could use any color and white and get many different shades!

Here is the color palette we used: paint colors

I have three kids so each one got to decorate 2 sticks. kid painting

After they get them all decorated…and those clumps of paint dried…I added some Expressions vinyl! Cut it out of Permanent outdoor vinyl with my Silhouette — supplies Added some transfer tape-

garden vegetable vinyl

Cut eat vegetable apart and peel up transfer tape with vinyl attached. peel up transfer tape Lay on project and rub to get a great stick.

rub vinyl with applicator tool

Then peel up the transfer tape and your vinyl will be on your paint sticks!

peel up expressions vinyl

(you can also have your kids write it with a sharpie!)
garden markers from paint sticks

They turned out so fun and colorful! I want to have them paint big canvas’s now! fun kids craft idea with paint fun fact: I had to ask on facebook if any of my neighbors had a garden that I could take pictures in…cause I don’t have one! ha! Thanks to my friend Jillian for letting me tromp through her yard! tomato garden maker corn plant marker diy

If you are looking for more fun kids crafts you can go here

and You can always follow me here: II twitter II facebook II bloglovin II instagram

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