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cordon bleu pasta bake

Who’s excited for Valentine’s? Don’t forget it’s on Sunday! Which means Saturday night about 9 you’ll find Walgreens and your local grocery store packed full of men looking for last minute gifts!

Instead of battling the crowds (seriously, every year I’m surprised the lines of people waiting outside in the freezing cold to get into restaurants) I make a dinner and we stay in. This year I’m re-creating our favorite Cordon Bleu Baked Pasta from a local restaurant.

sams bertolli

I stopped by Sam’s Club to pick up what I needed. I grabbed a pack of their fresh chicken breasts, broccoli, mushrooms, Bertolli Alfredo Sauce, a box of Penne pasta, sliced mushrooms, bacon, some strawberries, and somehow a bouquet of flowers made it home with me too.

cordon bleu ingredients

Bertolli Alfredo is make with real cream and aged Parmesan and makes the perfect launching spot for this delicious dish.

cordon bleu ingredients

You’ll also need green onions, ham, Swiss cheese and Mozerella for this dish.

chicken seasoned

While the water is warming up for the pasta, I went ahead and seasoned the chicken with garlic powder, paprika and salt and pepper.

chicken cooking

Heat up your pan and extra virgin oil olive and cook them while the noodles are cooking.

cordon bleu

While the chicken and noodles are cooking, chop up the ham, bacon, mushrooms, green onions. You can either thinly slice the Swiss cheese or grate it. The Swiss brings the flavor you need to seal the deal on this being a cordon bleu dish.

cordon bleu mixed

Drain the noodles, at the other ingredients and 2 jars of Bertolli Alfredo.  Mix.


cordon bleu

Pour into a sprayed baking dish. Top with Swiss and Mozzarella and bake at 35o for about 30 minutes or until it is bubbly and the cheese is brown.

cordon bleu pasta bake

My kids couldn’t wait to try it out. After a few bites my 7 year old exclaimed, “This is what I want for my birthday dinner!”

Cordon Bleu Baked Pasta
  • 1 lb penne noodles, cooked and drained
  • 2 jars Bertoli Alfredo Sauce
  • 3 chicken breasts, cooked and chopped
  • ½ cup chopped ham
  • 5 slices bacon, cooked
  • 5 green onions, chopped
  • ½ cup mushrooms, chopped
  • ½ lb grated Swiss Cheese
  • ½ lb grated Mozzarella Cheese
  1. Mix noodles, chicken, alfredo sauce, ham, half of the bacon, half of the green onions, mushrooms, and Swiss cheese. Pour into a greased 9x13" pan. Chop with remaining bacon, green onions and Mozzerella. Bake at 350 for about 30 minutes, or until bubble and cheese begins to brown.


What recipes would you like to see created with Bertolli sauces?

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Grandmads-homemade-vanilla-ice-cream Sometimes we all just need a little ice cream. One of my favorite ways to show my kids I love them is by making a fun treat for after school. We got this recipe from my husbands Grandma and it’s a family favorite. Grandma’s Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream is so easy and makes for a special treat. A little break from the apples and carrots that we usually have. We all deserve a treat now and then right?


I love using Horizon Organic Milk, whipping cream and eggs for my ice cream. Organic dairy just tastes so much better in my opinion.

Grandma's Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 Tablespoon vanilla
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 3 cups of milk
  • 3 cups of whipping cream
  1. Beat eggs and sugar together. Add in vanilla and salt. Then add the milk and beat. Last, add in the whipping cream and whip.
  2. Pour into ice cream machine and listen for it to finish.

I love my ice cream machine too. It has the freezer bowls to you can freeze them and have ice cream anytime you’re ready.

Be sure to head over and follow Horizon Organic on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and subscribe to their newsletter for all the latest recipes using these amazing products.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Horizon Organic. The opinions and text are all mine.

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Baked BBQ Chicken Sub

A couple Saturdays ago we were enjoying quite the snow storm. My husband and boys spent most of the day shoveling driveways. Needing to feel like I was contributing to their efforts, I wracked my brain trying to come up with something to feed them when they came back inside. It needed to be warm and heart, but no more soup! I had been on a soup kick and they were sick of all my soups! I was making raspberry twist to share with the neighbors when I remembered my mom’s famous BBQ Chicken Sandwiches. We would beg her to make these for us on snowy days.

bbq chicken sandwich

I took some of the dough from the Raspberry Twists and formed them into sub shaped blobs. The Raspberry Twists use my favorite roll dough. I use it for cinnamon rolls, Sunday dinner rolls, and Raspberry Twists so I knew it would be good. I make these buns pretty flat and a little wide so there isn’t too much thickness, but enough surface space to stack all the goodness. Let raise then baked at 350 till golden brown.

bbq chicken sandwich

When they finish baking they looked something like this.

bbq chicken

While the buns are raising and baking I sliced and cooked the chicken. Once the chicken is cooked add your favorite BBQ sauce.

bbq chicken sandwich

About this time, my boys had returned and boy were they hungry. To make these sandwiches we let everyone pick their topping, wrap the sandwich in foil and bake until the cheese is melted. So go ahead and build your sandwich right on the foil. First, I added mushrooms.

bbq chicken sandwich

Then some slices of green peppers.

bbq chicken sandwich

Followed by the BBQ chicken.

BBQ Chicken Sandwich

And topped off with grated cheese. You can add mayo or Miracle Whip if you’re into that.


BBQ Chicken Sandwich

Then wrap up your sandwich and write your name on the foil with a Sharpie. Throw them back in the oven until the cheese is melted. How long it takes depends on how hot your bread and chicken are to start with it usually takes between 5-20 minutes.. Just check and when the cheese is melted you are ready to eat!

Baked BBQ Chicken Sub

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Strawberry Heart Man Kid Snack This is such a fun, cute and slightly healthy snack for kids this Valentine Month of love!  This is such a fun after school snack to make this week…or if you are planning a class party or Valentine party for kids, they will love these!

Strawberry Heart Men!  You just need a to grab a few items to make these.  My kids loved making their own Strawberry Heart Man and we loved seeing how they turned out!
sm strawberry heart man 4 What you will need to make the Strawberry Heart Man Snacks:



Wilton Candy Eyes

-Pretzel Sticks

-Mini Marshmallows

-Conversation Hearts sm strawberry heart man 1 Start by cutting off the green strawberry top and then cutting the strawberry in half lengthwise.  Using your toothpick…attach the sides together to form a heart. sm strawberry heart man 5 Add pretzel sticks for the arms and legs…attach mini marshmallows for the feet and hands. sm strawberry heart man 3 Top of the Strawberry Heart Men with candy eyes and a heart conversation mouth!  Such a fun snack that the kids can help make!  You can use small dots of honey to stick on the eyes and conversation hearts.  Especially if they will not be eaten right away.

Try bringing a tray full of these Strawberry Heart Man Kid Snacks to any Valentine Party!  They are a hit!

sm strawberry heart man 2 Check out these cute Valentine Cupcakes!  Love those chalkboard toppers! sm valentine cupcake 2

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Hi everyone, it’s Kimberly from Get Away Today. I’m so excited to be on the Crafting Chicks sharing fun Disney and vacation ideas. Getting ready for a Disneyland vacation is almost as fun as going on one. We surprised our kids at Christmas with a spring time Disneyland vacation and we have had so much fun “getting ready” by watching Disney movies, playing Disney games, and making Disney recipes. Luckily, our blog, Packed with Fun, is just that, packed with fun ideas to get your family excited for an upcoming vacation. I compiled three of our most popular Disney inspired recipes. They are simple, cute, tasty, and guaranteed to get your family excited about your Disneyland vacation.

Three Easy Recipes to Make Before Your Disneyland Vacation

Mickey Pop Tarts


Ready made pie crust (or your favorite recipe)

Your Favorite jam


Frosting and Sprinkles (optional)


Start by taking your pie crust and cutting out an equal number of Mickey heads with a cookie cutter.

Put your favorite jam on one Mickey head at a time. Cover it with another Mickey head and use a fork to seal the edges.

Butter the tops of the Mickeys and bake them at 400 degrees in a preheated oven.

Decorate with frosting and sprinkles to add a little more flare and flavor.


It’s our version of a Character Breakfast at home!

Mickey and Minnie Oreos


Double Stuf Oreos (make sure they’re Double Stuf)

Mini Oreos

Red and/or pink melting chocolate

White decorating pearls


Start by separating your Mini Oreos and licking scraping off the cream to make your Mickey or Minnie ears. Stick them into the top of your Double Stuf Oreos to create a Mickey head effect. Dip the bottom half of each cookie into the melted chocolate. Use red for Mickey and pink for Minnie. Then, add decorating pearls. Two pearls side by side on a red cookie make a Mickey, and a few polka-d0ts make Minnie’s dress.


We’re sure these will be a hit at your house!

Lime Mickeys


Sprite or 7up

1 Packet of Grape Kool-Aid

2 c. Sugar

1 c. Water

Fresh limes


Start by making your grape syrup by dissolving two cups sugar into one cup of water in a saucepan over medium heat. Once it’s dissolved, bring it to a boil for a few minutes, then remove the mixture from the heat and stir in one packet of grape Kool-Aid until it’s completely dissolved. Move your syrup into a container that’s good for both pouring and storage. Next, slice your limes into circles with one small slit going towards the center (see below). Add your limes to a glass to make Lime Mickey ears, then make your drink by adding some ice, soda, a little syrup and fresh lime juice to taste.


Ahhhhhh… it’s as refreshing as it is adorable.

If you haven’t booked your next Disneyland vacation, our agents at Get Away Today would love to help! We have the best deals on Disneyland tickets and hotels – even over Spring Break! You can book any of our Disneyland packages at, or you can all our agents at 855-GET-AWAY. Our agents have been to the parks multiple times and they tour all of our hotels each year, so that can give you expert advice. Be sure to use promo code: CraftingChicks and you’ll save an extra $10 off your 2-night or longer package, and enjoy your countdown until your Disneyland vacation!

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Valentine Games - Ispy, Matching game, Minute to win it, Dont' Eat Pete, Cootie Catchers, Bingo, Musical Hearts - This is perfect for class parties!

Valentine Games are so much fun!  We’ve gathered some of our favorite games for you.  If you’re planning a class party, preschool party or just want to have some fun with your kids… we’ve got you covered!  I Spy Valentine Edition, Minute to Win It Games, Bingo, Matching Games, Hedbanz and so much more!

Valentine Games

Valentine Party Pack from The Crafting Chicks

Valentine Games - Ispy, Matching game, Minute to win it, Dont' Eat Pete, Cootie Catchers, Bingo, Musical Hearts - This is perfect for class parties!

Heart Relay from Makoodle

Valentine Games - Ispy, Matching game, Minute to win it, Dont' Eat Pete, Cootie Catchers, Bingo, Musical Hearts - This is perfect for class parties!

Valentine’s Hedbanz from The Crafting Chicks

Valentine Games - Ispy, Matching game, Minute to win it, Dont' Eat Pete, Cootie Catchers, Bingo, Musical Hearts - This is perfect for class parties!

I’ll Tumble For You Valentine Game from Tried & True

I'll Tumble For You! Game

Don’t Eat My Heart from The Crafting Chicks

Don't Eat My Heart

Suck It Up from I Gotta Create!

Minute to Win it

Cootie Catchers from The Crafting Chicks

Cootie Catcher

Matching Game from Creations by Kara

Matching Game

Musical Hearts from Teach Mama

Musical Hearts

Vase Drop from Not Consumed

Vase Drop

Conversation Heart Bingo from Say Not Sweet Anne

Conversation Heart Bingo

valentine pack cover sheet copy-2

We are so excited to announce our Valentine Party Pack! This pack is full of fun and games that will help you become the star of Valentine’s Day just by hitting PRINT!

We know how much you love our Valentine Printables so we wanted to put together something super special for all of you.

Valentine-Printable-pack from the Crafting Chicks

This pack includes 6 games that are sure to provide fun for hours. You could use this pack for a Valentine’s Class Party, a Valentine Party at your home, or just for fun around the house. Our kids have loved to play each of the games and we know yours will too.




Each Valentine Party Pack contains:

  • A special Valentine’s edition of the Memory Game–Kids will want to play this game over and over even after Valentine’s Day is over.
  • Roll A Heart Man: This game is a hoot to watch and see who can build a Heart Man the quickest.
  • Valentine’s Headbands game: See who can guess the quickest, who/what they are. This game is a hoot.
  • Musical Hearts: Get out some fun music about love and watch the kids jump from heart to heart to land on the number that is called out.
  • Valentine “I Spy”: This game is a fun for everyone. Race to see who can count the correct number of images in the quickest amount of time.
  • Don’t Eat My Valentine: This is our spin on “Don’t Eat Pete,” with fun Valentine images.
  • And the BONUS: Heart Attack: Have fun showing someone how much you love them by decorating their space with hearts that tell how much you love them.



You can purchase this pack for only $2.99.


Be sure to check this week’s newsletter for a special coupon code! Not receiving our newsletter? No problem you can subscribe below!

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"Trick" Valentines

“Trick” Valentines

My little guy is soooo excited to take these funny valentines to school next week!  He loves a good “Trick.”   sm trick valentine 2 sm trick valentine 6 I discovered these hilarious “fake spider” valentine candy boxes on Oriental Trading.  I knew these would be a hit with my 3rd grader.   sm trick valentine 7 sm trick valentine 5 I made a tag that says “It’s no TRICK, Happy Valentine’s Day! sm trick valentine 4 sm trick valentine 3 You can just close up the boxes and stick them to the tag.  Or if you want add the box and some treats to a mini sack and attach the tag to the mini bag.
sm trick valentine 1

PERSONAL USE ONLY PLEASE.  All downloads and printables are property of The Crafting Chicks, LLP. Download Black sm trick valentine


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#1 Fan Valentine with Heart Shaped Paper Fans

#1 Fan Valentine with Heart Shaped Paper Fans

Dying over these cute Valentine Fans from Oriental Trading….they come in the cutest colors and sayings.  Such a fun surprise for friends to open up on Valentine’s Day.  So of course I had to make a fun printable so my daughter could give them for her Valentines this year.  sm fan girl valentine 2 They are the perfect “non candy” idea…just too sweet. sm fan girl valentine 5 sm fan girl valentine 4 Here’s the I made a clever “I’m Your #1 Fan Valentine” to attach to the fans.  You can hand them out folded up…and let the little friends see what is inside! sm fan girl valentine 1 These Valentine Fans are going to be such a hit with my Daughter’s class!  She can’t wait to hand them out! Download Black Download

PERSONAL USE ONLY PLEASE.  All printables and downloads are property of The Crafting Chicks, LLP. sm fan valentine girl

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