Girls’ Night In

sm girls night in

I have two little girls and when the boys are off and we are in…we love to have a Girls’ Night in.

I’m rounding up some fun ideas of items you will need to make the best girls’ night in!


Here’s what’s on our Girls’ Night In List:

1.  A Game… My kids love playing games…how cute is the Pink Monopoly game above.  We also love card games or even drawing games.  So many to choose from.  I often let each of us pick one of our favorites to play for our girls’ night.

2.  Nail Polish…it’s so fun painting our nails and toenails during our girls’ night.  You can even make it into a mini spa treatment night.

3.  A craft kit…my girls love making a craft together.  I love a kit that has everything included.   The one pictured above is for decorating a mini tote.  Other great craft kits:  bracelet makers, mini scrapbooks, paper or fabric flowers, etc.

4.  A mini Chick Flick.  We love to watch a romantic comedy during our girls’ night in.  There are so many great ones in the pre-teen category that my little girls love.

5.  Lotion…We love to rub some lavender lotion on to help us relax and de-stress.  This helps to make the night even more relaxing!

6.  A TREAT!  The best part.  We love Magnum Bars from Target.  Our favorites are the peanut butter and double caramel.  It’s like an extra fancy treat…perfect for a girls’ night!

How would you plan a girls’ night in?  We would love to hear.

Target has a great deal on Magnum Bars this week only.  You can access the Magnum 5% off special via Cartwheel.  (I love Cartwheel).

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Solar System Craft

solar system craft space there's no place like space

This solar system craft is so fun for the kids.  It helps teach them the order of the planets from the sun and reinforces coloring, & cutting skills.  Before we did this craft together, we read one of my favorite Space books…”There’s No Place Like Space!” by Tish Rabe.  I love the rhymes and how it teaches about space and the planets.

To make these Solar System Crafts, you will need:

-Black paper…I glued two 12 x 6 inch strips together to make a long strip

-Star Stickers

-Copy of the planets (This coloring sheet is perfect)


-Yellow paper for the sun

sm space coloring page

Let your kids color and cut out the planets.  Using a half yellow circle, glue on the left end.  Let your child glue the planets in order from the sun (left) to the right.
sm space 3 copy


Then add stars all over the black universe. sm space 2 copy

A fun tip:  we loved looking at real pictures of the planets online.  We talked about the colors of each planets.  This was such a fun project…and my little boy proudly displayed his “space” picture on his wall!

sm space 4 copy sm mother hen space


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Constellations Kid Craft

sm mother hen space sm constellations 1

Excited to share this adorable and simple craft for kids…to kick of our Space Week as part of our Mother Hen’s Summer.  My kids have loved learning and reading books this summer.  This week we read “Stargazers” from Gail Gibbons.  I love all of Gail Gibbons’ books.
space stargazers

After we read the book we talked more about constellations.  We even went on a constellations hunt in the sky…looking for some famous constellations…and making some of our own.  To make these cool constellations…all you need is:

-Black Paper

-Mini Star Punch (star stickers work too…but its nice to be able to move them around to create your constellation before gluing the stars down)

-Chalk or a white crayon

-glue stick

-Bright yellow paper sm constellations

After learning about constellations, let your child have fun moving the stars around to create his/her own.  This was the fun part…thinking up fun constellations we could see in the sky.

sm constellations 7 sm constellations 6

After you place your stars to create the constellations, glue down the stars.  You can then connect the stars with the chalk.  Or you can use a white crayon. sm constellations 5 sm constellations 2

It is fun to see the before and after…after you connect the dots.
sm constellations 3

Of course my map and state loving boy had to make a UTAH constellation.  States are fun to make into these constellations.   sm constellations 4

Thanks for stopping by today!  Stay tuned for more fun Space crafts and Ideas this week!

sm mother hen space


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Space Books for Kids
4th of July Parade Flags

4th of July Parade Flags sm patriotic flags

We’ve been having so much fun trying out the MINC machine from Heidi Swapp..and adding foil to fun projects.   This one is great for the 4th of July!  Festive Parade flags!
sm patriotic flags 6

I used Heidi Swapp’s patterned paper and added red and blue foil to the 12×12 paper.

sm patriotic flags 5

Then I cut each paper into 4 inch strips.  At the bottom I cut out a triangle to make a pennant shape.

sm patriotic flags 4

We glued these flags around wooden sticks and added silver sparkly stars!  My kids are excited to wave these cute festive flags on the 4th.  Happy Birthday USA!
sm patriotic flags 3

sm mother hen america

Check out our other posts from America Week as part of our Mother Hen’s Summer Survival Guide!

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Fancy Lemonade Stand

sm lemonade stand 2 sm lemonade stand 12

Sharing inspiration for a fancy summertime lemonade stand.  Each summer…my kids love to set up a lemonade stand.  This year my girls want to donate to a local children’s hospital…and that makes my heart happy.  So in preparation for the big day…we made the cutest, fanciest lemonade stand decor, with the help from Heidi Swapp’s Minc machine.  The gold, teal, and pink foil make it pop, and so pretty!

Below are details of how we decorated our stand!

sm lemonade stand 6 sm lemonade stand 8 sm lemonade stand 7

I used these Letters from Heidi Swapp.   They are ready to go…just add the foil.  Here is a tutorial on how you use the machine that we posted last month.  I ran the letters through the machine with teal, pink and gold foil.  I taped each letter to a string of yellow and white twine to make the word “LEMONADE.”

sm lemonade stand 9

I printed (on a laser printer), two signs…one for the treats, and one for the lemonade.  I added gold and teal foil to give the signs that fancy pop!  I used Heidi Swapp’s paper for the pennant triangle banner.  I love her patterns.  I just cut 6 inch tall triangles out of the paper after I added the foil.  I used the twine to make this banner as well.

sm lemonade stand 10

It was perfect to tie at the top of the Lemonade stand!

sm lemonade stand 15

The foiled signs were added to the sides of the stand.

sm lemonade stand 4 sm lemonade stand 5 sm lemonade stand 3 sm lemonade stand 11

We use Country Time lemonade and add fresh lemons.  Don’t forget the treats!  Some of our favorites are licorice, dum-dum suckers, and taffy.  You can add real or fake lemons to your lemonade stand display!

sm lemonade stand 13 sm lemonade stand 14

Wish us luck at our lemonade stand this year!  Who could pass up these cuties selling Lemonade and Treats!

Other Minc Projects you will LOVE!

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sm be brave be kind minc 6

Indoor Herb Garden

sm herb garden 2


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Rainforest Week Recap

Rainforest Week Recap

Rain Forest Week Recap

Here is a recap of our Rain Forest Week.  We wanted to give you a weeks worth of activities devoted to the fun and exciting Rain Forest!

We started Rain Forest Week off with a round up of favorite activities and crafts from around the web. With this round-up you’re sure to find a bunch of activities to keep your little explorers busy for a while.

Rainforest Activities and Printables - My kids are going to love these crafts!

Rainforest Activities & Crafts

And then pulled together 10 Rainforest themed books for kids. These books are fun and colorful but also full of great information about the rainforest.

sm rain forest book collage

Rainforest Books

Jamie kicked the week off with these fun Rainforest in a Jar crafts. These jars are a hit with the kids.

sm rainforest in a jar 3

Rainforest in a Jar

Valerie from Occasionally Crafty guest posted and taught us how to make rainforest animals with chalk pastels. I love letting my kids get creative with drawing and using new materials is a fun way to explore.

Draw with Chalk Pastels Art Activity

Chalk Pastel Rainforest Animals

To end our week Linda from Craftaholics Anonymous share these cute Monkey Banana Muffins. So cute and so yummy too! You’re kids will be asking to make these all the time.

Monkey Banana Muffins

Monkey Banana Muffins

sm mother hen square

The other 11 weeks of our Mother Hen’s Summer Survival Series can be found here.

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Rainforest in a Jar Kid Craft

Rainforest in a Jar Kid Craft sm rainforest in a jar 8

So excited to be sharing a Rainforest Themed kid craft today with you!  This is a fun week!  My kids have loved reading about the rainforest.  One of my favorite books on this subject is Jan Brett’s The Umbrella.

rainforest the umbrella

After reading this, I let me kids make mini Rainforest terrariums in a jar.  They were so easy and  simple…and my kids think they are so cool!
sm rainforest in a jar 10

What you will need to make a Rainforest in a Jar:

Mason Jars

mini rainforest figurines

artificial succulents

mini rocks



a hot glue gun/hot glue
sm rainforest in a jar 7

Start by gluing the can lid together.  Glue inside a circle of styrofoam…about a 1/2 thick.  I just bought the small styrofoam balls and cut them into strips.

sm rainforest in a jar 6

Let your little ones place their trees (succulents), moss, rocks and animals where they would like them.  You will have to help younger children with the hot glue.

sm rainforest in a jar 3

Then…easy peasy…just slowly place the animal scene inside the jar, and screw on the lid.

sm rainforest in a jar 2

And you have a very cute Rainforest in a Jar!

sm rainforest in a jar 9

My kids love these and couldn’t wait to display them in their rooms!

sm rainforest in a jar 1

You can do this with other animals too!  My daughter really wanted a Panda habitat in a jar…so that’s what we did!
sm rain forest in a jar 5 sm rain forest in a jar 4

sm mother hen rain forest

Be sure to check out the other projects in our Rainforest Week!

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40 Indoor & Outdoor Summer Boredom Busters

sm summertime boredome busters header

Hey Mamas…this post is for you!  We are a couple of weeks into summer at our house.  I love summer time…but the days can be long.  My kids are always wanting activities…and needing ideas of what to do!   Especially in the afternoon after chores, errands, and reading.

Today I’m sharing some awesome boredom busters to make any mom a “super hero” this summer!  40 Indoor and Outdoor Boredom Buster ideas..in our Boredom Buster Jars!  The kids can never say they are bored again!  And a tip…Popsicles!  That helps us get through each day with happy kids…and a happy mom.   sm summer boredom busters 8 sm summer boredom busters 9

We use popsicles for rewards…and for fun playtime outside.  It’s a nice break between activities, to just sit in the shade with a yummy cool treat.

To make these Boredom Buster Idea Jars, save the popsicle sticks and follow the instructions below:) sm summer boredom busters 7

You will need for the Boredom Buster Jars:

-Popsicle sticks (you can paint the ones from popsicles, or found already painted sticks at a craft store)

-Thin point black sharpie marker

-2 mason jars

-2 tags…One that says “indoor boredom busters” and one that says “outdoor boredom busters”


-The list of ideas below…or you can generate ideas with your kids:) sm summer boredom busters 4 sm summer boredom busters 5

On the sticks, write ideas with the thin black sharpie marker.  Attach the labeled tags to the jars…and you are set! So easy and simple and will help kids and moms all summer long!

sm summer boredom busters 3

When the kids are bored, have them grab a boredom buster idea!  Outside or Inside…you choose.  All of these ideas are easy and inexpensive!  And so much fun!

sm summer boredom busters 1

I’m sharing our list of ideas for indoor and outdoor boredom busters.  You can use these activities or choose ideas with your kids depending on ages, ability, etc.

20 INDOOR BOREDOM BUSTERS ON THE CRAFTING CHICKS sm summer boredom busters indoor


sm summer outdoor boredom busters

And…we have some great news…Target has an amazing sell on popsicles this summer!  2 packs of the Popsicle Brand (so many to choose from including the ones below)….2 packs for 6.50 until July 4th!  Run in and stock up!  My kids have tried most of them and love the firecracker (perfect for the 4th of July) and Avenger Popsicles.

Now for a fun giveaway…you can win a $25 Target gift card just for retweeting a message!  So make sure you are following @craftingchicks on Twitter!  Good luck!

Official Giveaway Rules sm popsicle 1

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