We all want our sweet kiddos to have beautiful healthy teeth.  Sometimes getting them to take care of their teeth can be quite the battle. 🙂  Teaching them the importance of brushing regularly can be fun.  Here are a few tips for Tips For Making Toothbrushing Fun and teaching your little ones how to clean their pearly whites:

-Let them pick their own toothbrush(maybe a cool character of some sort)

-Let them brush your teeth at the same time

-Read some fun books about toothbrushing

-Create a toothbrushing routine that they can follow each day(music, getting things set up,etc.)

-Using a toothbrushing timer to time how long they need to brush

-Sing some really cute & fun songs about brushing your teeth.  You can find some great ones at this darling site – Lucy Learns

Try some of these helpful tips and hopefully your little ones will learn to love to brush their teeth! 🙂

Colgate asked if we would spend a day crafting with our kids–letting them create invisible nasties. You know those little creatures that live in your mouth and toothbrush if you don’t change it out often that cause cavities. We had fun seeing what our boys thought invisible nasties look like!

This is Jen’s oldest. He used modeling clay to create a mouth (didn’t he do great!) and then painted it.

And added on his not-so-invisible nasties!

This make me want to brush my teeth!

Nikkala also chose to craft with her oldest. She drew shapes off of his instructions and he added the faces.

Once there was a good option of choices they picked out their favorites.

The little nasties were then traced onto felt and sewn, stuffed and decorated.

He had so much fun crafting with Mom and having free reign of the craft supplies! It doesn’t happen very often. Nikkala had fun watching his imagination at work and even enjoyed taking orders from the 4 year old.

His version of invisible nasties—or cavity monsters as he likes to call them!

Thanks Colgate for letting us spend some fun time with our awesome boys!

**Supplies were paid for by Collective Bias.**


  1. jen, this is too cute. i want to know more about it.

  2. Oh my! That is too fun. I love what they each did. E did a great job on his and I love the little “monsters.” Too fun! I bet the boys loved it!

  3. This is too cute! I love the felt invisible nasties!


  4. Oh my goodness Jenn and Nikkala! What awesome Invisible Nasties! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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  6. These are absolutely ADORABLE. What a fabulous project.

  7. What great projects. They easily put my crafting skills to shame. Looks like everyone had fun.

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