sm bag 6

We made these mini totes/Scripture bags for our Activity Day girls at church.  The girls loved making these bags.  Simple, easy, & cute!

sm bag 1

I found the mini totes at Hobby Lobby.  I used my Cricut Explore to cut out each girls name using the sparkly silver Cricut iron on vinyl.  (I love the iron on vinyl!) sm bag 5

After cutting out the names…I first ironed the bag (to make it hot) and then placed the name on the bag.  I ironed over the name and peeled off the plastic.   Such a fun way to personalize the bags. sm bag 2

We made Fabric Ruffle Flowers and added them to the bags with hot glue!  So easy!

sm bag 3
My girls love these totes!

sm bag 4


  1. How cute! I bet my daughter would adore one of these!

  2. Cute!! I love the ruffle flowers!

  3. These are really cute! I used your tutorial for ruffle flowers the other day for a baby shower and everyone enjoyed making them. But one question, I am the activity day leader for our ward and I’m curious if your budget allowed for buying the bags? Or do you ever ask the girls to help pay for things like that? I have about 10-12 girls (out here in Virginia) and I feel like I can’t do an activity that costs much more than $1/girl. And even then, I need to have some activities that don’t cost anything. It can be challenging when the girls (and I) all enjoy doing crafty things. Thanks for the idea!

  4. 2 questions: (1) What size are the bags? They look like a good size on the girl holding them, but on the Hobby Lobby website, they are stated to be 5″ x 6″ which seems small. (2) What Cricut font is that? It seems to work well for this project.

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