We are so thrilled to have the CARAVAN SHOPPE here on our site today.  You will DIE over their darling printables.  They are unlike any other.  I used their Thanksgiving set and everyone had so much fun with it.  WELCOME!

Happy Spring everyone! We are Caravan Shoppe, and are so happy to be sharing a printable Easter craft today!


After spending hours cooking a ham, potatoes, and countless pies, decorating is the last thing on your mind. We have the easiest solution for you (seriously). Your guests will actually do the decorating for you! Kids and adults alike will love being able to color their tablecloth, placemat, or wall art and you won’t have to stress about cleanup.


Use the tablecloth to distract the kids with coloring while the Easter Bunny is hiding their eggs for the hunt. And use the “dipping station” and “drying station” placemats to protect your table from the dyes and help your little ones learn the process!


Our Draw Together Easter Set costs $8 to download, and you’ll have all the files for the activities you choose. You can print the large prints like the table covering at copy shops that have large format black and white printers—we recommend Staples, which will print up to 3-foot by 4-foot for about $7 (call ahead and ask your print shop if they have an engineering/blueprint printer, just to be sure!). Placemats print in black and white on 11 x 17 paper (also at your local print shop!). Since everything is in black and white, then printing is very affordable!

Once you have your prints at home, simply lay out all the markers, crayons, or paint, and let your guests’ creativity flow!

To buy this craft, and to see the rest of our products, come visit us at Caravan Shoppe! Happy Easter Everyone!


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