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“Don’t Eat Pete!” is always a huge hit with kids.  Today I’m sharing two Halloween versions with you.  “Don’t eat the Jack-o-lantern” & “Don’t Eat the Ghost.”  Such a fun game for those Halloween class parties.

Here are the directions for how to play:

Here are the directions for “Don’t Eat Pete.”
How to Play: Place one M&M on each square of the game board. Send the first child away from the game board, then have the remaining children choose which photo will be “Pete” for the round. Have the first child come back and begin picking M&M’s from the game board. As soon as the child tries to pick “Pete” everyone yells “Don’t Eat Pete!” But for the family edition, yell out “don’t eat a and then your last name.” The child keeps all the M&M’s picked up before trying to get Pete. Refill the game board and play again with the next child. Have Fun!!! (Replace Pete with Jack o’ lantern and you can play the fun Halloween spin off)

For the Ghost game board…it would be fun to play using mini marshmallows and the Pumpkin one…mini pumpkins!  Have fun!  (Download Link Below)

sm dont eat the ghost

sm dont eat jackolantern


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  1. Thanks so much…these are awesome!

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  3. These are so great! Thanks! Just what I needed for the class party.

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  5. I’m having trouble with the download link. Any chance you can send me the link?

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