I made this milestone scrapbook for my sweet Derek. I started with his pregnancy and went through his 1st 12 months. I had written down every little thing that Derek had learned to do each month and I wanted a cute way of keeping it. I wish I had done this with each of my other kids! It is so fun to look back and remember all of the little things that were so fun!


  1. I’m so glad you posted this Jen-I love the chocolate and blue!

  2. That is so cute!!! I have been meaning to do one for Bailey too. You just inspired me to get going!

  3. this is a cute book. thanks for sharing!

  4. I just ran onto this and love this idea so much I am giving you some props on my blog today.

  5. I LOVE this idea. I really didn’t like any of the baby books I found out there…. so I would much rather make something like this! I featured this idea on my blog today. Here is the link:


    Thanks for the inspiration!

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