You can find these mini tins at Robert’s crafts for $1.99. They are so cute and small. Here are a couple of fun ideas for Repurposed Mini Tins. Let me know if you find other clever ways to use these! {Below}: My crafty friend Laura in WA made this cute address holder for me right before we moved. I love the colors she used. In the tin, were rectangles of cardstock with friend’s addresses and phone numbers.
{Below}: I was excited when I saw these at the craft store and decided to make “mini brag tins” for my sister and mom. I made a little photo accordian album to put inside the tins. It was a hit!


  1. Cute ideas. The address one was very thoughtful–how nice to have them all in one spot!

  2. They turned out so super cute Jamie. I think we need to make these for a project night.

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