Top 10 Fonts for Halloween

sm top halloween fonts

    Today we are sharing some of our top fonts for Halloween.  These are great to use for invites, banners, Halloween decor and more!  Just click on the links below to download! Big Top A Gothique Time Cast Iron Dracula Black Knight Halloween Spider Beyond Wonderland 4 Yeo In Showboat Spooky Magic   Pin It

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Fall Giveaway: Boots & Loot


 The smell of Fall is in the air and we want to get you and a friend styling and ready! Head on over and pin it to win it! It’s easy and fast to enter. Oh and share with your friends for added entries! Enter in to win ONE of the following prizes: 1 pair of boots for you and a friend from Joy Folie (valued at approx $250 a pair) or a gift card to Anthropologie! $200 for you and $200 for a friend (Valued at $200 per gift card) or a gift card to Sephora! $200 for you and $200 for a friend (Valued at $200 per gift card) or a gift card to Target! $200 for you and $200 for a friend (Valued at $200 per gift card) 8 total winners Thanks to the sites participating for the donations of prizes. We sure love group giveaways! GO enter HERE! Pin It

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10 Minute Super Hero Costume

Super Hero Costume

My 4 year old was invited to a dress up birthday party a while ago. Although we have a drawer full of costumes to choose from, he wanted to be a super hero. A real super hero. No amount of talking was going to get him to go as a pirate or dinosaur. The instruction he gave me were, 1. An L on the back of the cape 2. A mask 3. Arm bands With these instructions, I did what any mom in a hurry would and I turned to Google. I found this instruction for a superhero mask, and this one for superhero arm cuffs, as well as this one for shoe wings. I pulled out some leftover orange Naugahyde (which was remnants of a Halloween costume years ago), silver iron-on vinyl from Cricut, and grabbed a cape that has been floating around the house and we set to work. Because I figured it would be faster (hello, no [Read More...]

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Glammed up Pumpkins

sm pin pumpkins

  It’s time to start thinking about fall decor!  I LOVE fall…and my kids can’t wait for Halloween.  When I received these pumpkins from Michaels, I knew I wanted to get a little fancy.  I decided to get some fancy trimmings from Michaels to glam them up a bit.  I love spending my time decorating these foam pumpkins (they look so real) because they will be good next year and the next!! On my list:  Ribbon (with glitter polka dots). web coasters (to die for cute), sticky rhinestones, other ribbon, fancy webbing runner for my table (found by the baking section of Michaels), sparkly spiders & rubber bats (a touch for the kids!) Below I will show you how I glammed up my 3 pumpkins! PUMPKIN 1:  Black Pumpkin.  Using a clear adhesive runner, I applied ribbon to the sided, following the pumpkin creases.  And using the self-stick gems (above) I made jewel lines in the creases alternating big and [Read More...]

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Girl’s Camp: Johnny Lingo’s 8 Cowgirl


This summer I was able to help plan our church’s girls camp for the 12-18 old girls in our area. The adult leaders worked with the youth camp leaders to plan a 4 day camp. Our YCL’s thought having a cowgirl themed camp sounded like a lot of fun. So the adult leaders set to work coming up with a way to tie the cowgirl theme into a learning and spiritual experience for everyone. Our leader had the idea of basing camp on Johnny Lingo’s 8 cow woman. If you’ve never heard of Johnny Lingo you can watch the original movie, or enjoy the newer movie on Netflix or Amazon. After we explained Johnny Lingo to the YCL’s they were excited about being “8 COW-Girls” so we ran with it. After watching either movie you would probably think a tropical island theme would be the no brainer way to go, but we had a lot of fun using it in [Read More...]

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BUILD A Children’s Arbor Bench-ANA WHITE


This was such a fun project.  It’s always fun building projects from Ana White’s website, plans for the bench found HERE on Ana’s site.  Until I found her, building stuff with wood was just a dream of mine that I would think about frequently.  I would look at furniture and wonder how it was done, or wondered what tools I would use.  When I found here site, I built Q’s Blue Play Kitchen, and Q’s Doll High Chair and a handful of other fun projects that I will share in the future.  Today I will be sharing how I cut the arch, and if you are lucky you will hop on over to Ana’s site and see the building plans.  ANA YOU ARE A GENIUS MY DEAR!! So I KNOW you will want to know where I got this LOVELY fabric….because I was DYING over it when I found it.  I purchased this fabric at Quilter’s Haven in Woods Cross, UT during [Read More...]

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Make Your Own Delicious Italian Cream Sodas + Free Printable


Italian cream sodas have been deliciously popular over the past little while–and not only are they yummy to drink, they are really easy to make! I made them quite a bit this summer–at girls camp for our church, at our family trip to Lake Powell, and most recently we made them for our Back to School dinner. Here’s what you need to make your own Italian Cream Sodas: Ice Club Soda Flavored Syrup (it’s fun to have a variety of your favorite flavors!) Half and half straws one-ounce measuring cups (I got some at Walmart) I bought these bottles of flavored syrup at Orson Gygi in Salt Lake City. They were only about $4.99 for nearly 26 ounces of syrup–which is one of the best prices I found. They have tons of different flavors; our favorites were raspberry, peach, strawberry, vanilla, orange and watermelon. I made a cute little printable to set up at the table so people know how [Read More...]

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Girls Knit Maxi Skirt Tutorial


We are on the Riley Blake Fabrics Design Team, and love working with their beautiful fabric! I guest posted this tutorial on their blog a few weeks ago and I’m sharing with you today. I’m going to share how to make a knit maxi skirt featuring the amazingly cute cotton jersey knits by Riley Blake Designs! I had a lot of fun making some darling maxi skirts for my young daughters. For this tutorial I made a skirt with a yoga-style waistband for ultimate comfort. Supplies needed to make a knit maxi skirt:   1 yard jersey knit fabric–this is enough fabric to make one skirt for a young girl, I made this one to fit girls size 8-10 (and check out the fun patterns and colors–polka dots, chevron, stripes, oh my!) Sewing Machine Coordinating Thread (I used white) Scissors Cutting mat Rotary cutter Tape measure/ruler Pins (I used ball point pins specifically to use with knits) Ball point sewing machine needle–this [Read More...]

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4 Notepads to Have

notepad top copy

  When we found out that Black River Imaging was now printing notebooks, we were thrilled!  Each chick took on a design challenge to create some great note pads that everyone could use! Especially Moms!  So today we are sharing our favorite notepads to have!  We are including free downloads of our images so that you can order the same ones at Black River Imaging. AND…they are including a special discount code for all of our readers. Check it out at the bottom of our post near the download link. The one below is adorable!  Love those flip covers!  These notepads would make great gifts! 1. For the LIST MAKER I’m a huge list maker.  I love the feeling of crossing tasks off my list.   I love Becky’s simple 4 x 6.5 blank list…great for groceries…to do lists…and even notes.  I love how Brooke divided her task list into different sections of her life.  A great way to organize [Read More...]

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Chicks Picks:: Organizational Products

Chick Picks: Favorite Organizational Items

  I always get a bug to clean and organize once the kids go back to school.  Here are some of the items we couldn’t do without to keep us on track and organized.   Mom Do It All Calendar I must have a calendar with everything where I can see it.  I use my phone and computer calendars, but there is nothing like having it written down in my opinion.  I love this one because it has lines for each family member and gives you a lot more space than other calendars.  It’s also a 17 month calendar which I love! Sterilite Stackable Storage Drawers I have always loved these. This is my very favorite organizational item. They are stackable and durable. I have a tower of 3 in each of my kids’ closets. I’ve never wanted regular drawers with boys in the house because I feel like they break easier. The plastic drawers are much better. LOVE! Mind [Read More...]

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