7 Elements of a Magazine-Worthy MASTER BEDROOM


Some items were provided by Pottery Barn. Who doesn’t want a magazine-worthy bedroom?  I’m so excited to share this post.  There are definitely elements that create a finished look and I’m excited to share these tips and tricks.  We have been in our house for about 7 years and we haven’t done much with our Master Bedroom.  I once heard that when you move, you should ALWAYS set up the master bedroom first, since the relationship of the parents is the center of the family.  I thought this was interesting since I usually think of this backwards and want to take care of everyone else first.  Well, I was so excited to use some of the Pottery Barn items since they are CLASSIC and WELL-MADE.  I love that I can DIY around the CLASSIC Pottery Barn pieces and mix handmade and thrift finds with them. BEFORE: AFTER: ELEMENTS OF A MAGAZINE-WORTHY MASTER BEDROOM: ELEMENT 1:  BED.  The bed is the centerpiece [Read More...]

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How To Ride a Bike


Earlier in the summer I shared this tutorial on Paging Supermoms as a Tuesday tip. It’s so simple that you still have time to cross “learn to ride a bike” off the summer to-do list before summer is over! Riding a bike is a right of passage for kids, and teaching them how to ride falls on the parents. Be a SuperMom and teach your child to ride without any scraped knees! It’s easy, it’s fast, and it’s frustration free! Of course you’ll need a bike. You’ve seen those cool looking balance bikes, and instead of buying one, we’re going to convert a traditional bike into one. Just a regular old bike will do. It just needs to be small enough that they can touch flat footed while on it. Step 1: Remove the pedals. One pedal will be threaded backwards (so it doesn’t come unscrewed while riding). You’ll need a wrench to take them off. Step 2: Drop the [Read More...]

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Chicks Picks: Apps


The world of apps is huge and we all know our phones are capable of more than Candy Crush–but how do you know what apps are worth downloading? Today we’re sharing some of our favorites and would love for you to share your faves in the comments!   Disneyland Explorer My kids love this app. It has been the fun flavor of the month. Their favorite part is finding the yeti on the Matterhorn!    Kid Chatteroo My Job Chart This app has been so helpful in getting my girls motivated to help around the house.  Each night they login and mark off what they have done.  Sometimes they want the points and will run and do something they may have forgotten to do. Love it! Nike+ Running I’m not a runner, but it works for walking too ;). I love that it keeps track of distance, route, time, and pace. And it let’s us have a friendly competition amongst [Read More...]

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Living Room Makeover-Adding Key Pieces to your Space

pinnable pb copy

Some items provided by Pottery Barn for this design.   We have been in our home for almost 6 years and my front living room has been forgotten.  It seems like it’s the last room I think about but it is the first room a guest sees.  Since adding a piano to that space, I’m happy to say that this room is much more welcoming…and used!  When choosing my room for the Pottery Barn Re-design series…I knew this was the room. Here is my ispiration design board for my space: After talking with my dear friend Sita (everyone needs a designer friend), and getting tips, I was ready to go.  I knew I wanted this space to be a little bit “fancy” with a little glam.  I wanted this room to flow better and wanted to add white and grey with pops of black and blue. I also loved using Pottery Barn’s Design studio for tips, advice and inspiration to [Read More...]

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Silver Painted Piano

sm piano header

  Painting a piano has been something I’ve wanted to check off of my DIY/(I’m so crazy for doing this) list!  I LOVE the look of painted pianos.  With my kids beginning piano, I wanted an inexpensive piano they could learn on until getting serious…someone has to play well in order to spend that kind of money:) After pinning many Painted Pianos, I got up the courage, found one on the local classifieds and the rest is history! The piano I found…well let’s say…was VERY loved…and used.  I honestly think the children must have hammered it or something…it looked as though it had been through a war!  But since it sounded well and had a cute shape to it…I could see the good in it. Before & After…     I had the piano delivered and had the movers place it on a drop cloth in my living room. I needed to be able to paint this piano in my [Read More...]

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10 Ways to Take a Bathroom From Drab to Fab

becky header

Items provided by Pottery Barn for this re-design. I’ve had this bathroom I’ve wanted to add a little spark too.  I found this paint color, fell in love, but paint is as far as I’ve gotten.  I searched high and low for inspiration and I’m excited to share with you my tips and tricks for taking a bathroom from drab to fab with 10 easy tips. Paint Color– Make sure you pick a color that is neutral, light and airy.  I love this color for my room. It is a custom color and for the life of me I can’t remember what I was matching, but it is WONDERFUL.  Find something that you can live with and that you love. Paint is one of the easiest ways to change the feel of any room.  It may also be one of the least expensive ways too. Don’t be afraid to paint. Purchase good staples–When you’re talking bathroom, you don’t want to buy [Read More...]

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Pottery Barn Re-design Series

sm pb header

  Pottery Barn and 3 of the Crafting Chicks have teamed up for a “Re-design our Space” series of posts this month! We will be sharing our before and after photos in the upcoming posts, along with some DIY projects!  We will be sharing which key pieces we added from Pottery Barn to make over our spaces! Here’s a little Q & A to get you excited for our upcoming posts! Becky’s Bathroom:   Why did you choose this space to make over? Becky:  We finished this bathroom almost 4 years ago and it has been overlooked when it came to decorating.  I love everything about this bathroom from the floor right up to the paint color.  I wanted to make this room be everything that it could be.  I loved looking at Pottery Barn’s inspiration pictures for bathrooms.  This gave me tons of ideas of what I wanted to do. What colors would you like to add to your [Read More...]

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Gallery Wall with Canvas Wraps *Black River Imaging

gallery 1 header

  We are huge fans of Black River Imaging!  When I was re-designing my front living space, I knew I wanted a photo wall.  I have a big wall with vaulted ceilings and knew how amazing big canvas wraps would look.  So I planned out my gallery wall!  I couldn’t wait to share how it turned out!  I LOVE it!  I wish you could see it in person.  These photos do not do it justice:) I chose recent photos of my children with blues and grays, which tied perfectly into my new room colors and decor. Black River Imaging has different options.  You can order one of their Gallery Wrap Clusters, or make your own wall using their canvas wrap dimensions (they have many sizes to choose from. I love the options.  You can choose which kind of sides your Canvas has… I chose a light gray around mine.  They had many colors and options. I also LOVE their Split [Read More...]

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Felt Monsters

felt_monsters copy

This is a really fun project that I did with my oldest a few years ago. It would be a great summer activity to do together when it is too hot to be outside! It is fun to watch their little minds work as they are planning their creatures, and even more fun to watch the excitement as their drawings come to life! We started with a large piece of paper, and I followed his directions and drew body shapes. Once we had quite a few monster bodies, I let his imagination ran wild as he added faces to the little creatures. The drawings will be what you use to make your monsters. Be warned, the thicker and chunkier the body shape the easier it will be to cut out and sew. After he was satisfied with his monsters, we picked out some of our favorites to turn into stuffies and cut them out of the paper. Then I traced [Read More...]

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