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I Love wreaths! Especially around the Holidays!  Today I’m sharing 7 places I love to display wreaths during the holidays…or anytime of year..soooo PUT A WREATH ON IT!
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1.  The Mirror Wreath:  I LOVE a good wreath hanging over a mirror!  This is a wreath (that I got from a dear friend) that now hangs happily over my silver round IKEA mirror.  I love it! sm wreath 16 sm wreath 2

2.  The Chair Wreath:  Can you get more festive?  These wreaths make me happy.  I use the two green larger wreaths on the end chairs and the red berry wreaths on the others. sm wreath 1 sm wreath 10 sm wreath 4

3. The lantern/candle wreath:  I love mini wreaths around candles.  I used berry garland for this.
sm wreath 3

4. The Lamp Wreath: Mini wreaths hung on lamps are adorable! sm wreath 11 sm wreath 14

5. The Kitchen Window Wreath:  Why not have something pretty to look at while doing those dishes:) sm wreath 8 sm wreath 15 sm wreath 5

6.  The Window Wreath: I love these two symmetrical wreaths on my front window.  I love how they look from the inside too!
sm wreath 13 sm wreath 12 sm wreath 6

7. The Front Door Wreath:  I love hanging a sign or monogram inside a wreath.  This was a red berry wreath that needed a little sprucing up with some silver spray paint.

sm wreath 7 Where are some of your favorite places to hang wreaths?

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  1. Such a pretty post, Jamie! Thanks for the inspiration! :)

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