I saw these spider cupcakes and just had to make them. Although mine are not professional, my kiddos loved them still the same. I must admit, the spider part was a lot of work, so I only ended up making a few spiders and then just broke out the sprinkles. My babies would walk by the cupcakes and say “pooky” (aka spooky).

I also found another great cupcake site that you must check out. Here is the link:
I love how the cupcake queen takes a photo of every cupcake she makes with her cute dog.
I know you will especially love this fact Jen! She is a cupcake artist as well as a friend to the animals! Love it!


  1. i have some cute halloween bags (and other things) on my site that i thought you guys might like to put on your site;) only if you want to..contact me at jtwsew@gmail.com if you wanna…i’m sorry to leave this in a comment but i couldn’t find an email to get in touch with any of you lovely ladies! thanks, j.wilson

  2. MMMMM delish and darling – perfect treat! Thanks for the fun, but creepy, ideas. =)

  3. So cute, and they look delicious. 🙂

  4. Good job Jamie! So cute!!! I LOVE that cupcake ladies dog!

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