Hi there! I’m Chris from Just a Girl, and I’m so happy to share a holiday tradition with you. We are a very traditional family, so we have plenty to share! As my kids got older and the Christmas lists got longer, I looked for a way for them to think outside of their wants for Christmas. Several years ago, I came up with our family “Wishmas Tree”. Lowes has small tree tops for about $15, so I knew it would be the perfect table top accent for my project!

Wishmas tree

I simply strung it with some lights and cut strips of paper for my kids to make wishes for other people during the holiday season. With very little guidance from me, they took over and knew exactly what they wanted to wish for! I was so proud of the things they came up with, and I keep them in a box to look back on every year.

Wish for Santa

Wish for Army

Wish for Dad

We usually write down our wishes at dinner every night, and it is by far my favorite tree in the house. I don’t think we give enough credit to kids when thinking outside themselves, and I’m grateful to see my kids acknowledge something other than what Santa will bring them each year.

Christmas wish tree

Thank you so much to the Crafting Chicks for inviting me to be a part of such a great series! Have a happy and safe holiday season!


  1. This is great, and the little tree is so adorable~ I love reading about different families’ traditions, especially having people focus on others during the Christmas season.

  2. What a wonderful way for children to show that they can also think of others ! We’ll be ceating a Wishmas tree in our home this year, thankyou Nikkala for sharing this lovely tradition with us.

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