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Magnetic Putty Printable Valentine

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We love a good Valentine with a pun and this magnetic putty was just begging for one to go with it! If your kids are into slime they will love to give this Magnetic Putty Printable Valentine, along with some putty to their buddies!

Magnetic Putty Printable Valentines


Magnetic Putty

Magnetic Putty Printable Valentine

Magnetic Putty is pretty cool stuff. It isn’t magnetic in a way that you can throw it at your fridge and it will stick (thank goodness! can you even imagine that mess?) but it must have tiny pieces of metal in it that make it attracted to a magnet. Every tin comes with a little square magnet, that is really strong, and 3 googly eyes to brings your creations to life.

Magnetic Putty Valentines

I spent the afternoon playing with it while my kids were at school – there’s no way I was going to let them steal the fun!

Putty Valentines

We’ve designed 2 different labels to go on the tins. The first one is a little more mushy, You Turn My Heart Into Putty, that I’m pretty sure my boys will not want to use (eww).


Magnetic Putty Valentines

And the second in a little tougher, I’m Stuck On You!, with a little magnet hanging out there on the end.

Both designs print on a sheet and you can download them below.

Download Box

Please remember all printables are property of The Crafting Chicks, LLP. Not for resale or commercial use.

Order some Magnetic Putty to go with the labels.

Magnetic Putty Printable Valentines

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