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Build Your Own Drink Stand

Hi guys! Its Ali from Dream Crafter and I want to tell you a little story.

Once upon a time a girl (me) saved all her money and bought her self a miter saw. Then her mother came to visit and brought a bunch of other tools. Then said girl decided to build stuff. Her mother knew she had no idea what she was doing so she taught her all she knew. And this beast was born.

Today I’m going to show you how to build your own drink stand.

drink stand full

I used the plans from THIS puppet theater and they were SO easy to follow. Seriously, if I could do it YOU could do it! I love Ana White. So inspiring! Now this is what mine looked like before it got all gussied up:


After it was built, I then puttied all the holes, sanded it smooth and calked a few places (until my calk gun punctured a hole in the side of the calk and it was a huge mess). Then I painted it Pure White by Valspar and clear coated it. I followed the exact plans except for a few things. First of all I used 1/2 inch MDF to build mine and it worked great! Next, I skipped the step where you are suppose to add a rod for the curtain. Instead, I wanted my kids to be able to change out the curtain by themselves so I added a velcro strip to the back side and then velcro to the curtains.

back of stand

My boys love using it for a “market” in their kitchen play area or as a puppet theater.

puppet show front

We also took it out to the street so the boys could sell “red juice” as my boys would say.


I can’t wait to make them some different curtains so they can change them out to match what they are doing. And I even left a slot at the top so you could add different signs to let people know what your stand is for! I think it would also be fun to paint the front with some chalk board paint some day so they could write messages on it. This baby has so many possibilities! What about a pretend post office? Or library? Or floral shop?! I love how it has so many uses. So, the end of the story is this: The girl was proud of her first build and her and her children lived happily ever after. 🙂

Build your own drink stand with this easy to follow tutorial!

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