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{Cinderella Party-“A Party Fit for a Princess”}


A little while ago, I shared my little boy’s PUPPY PARTY & promised to share his sisters Princess Party. My little 4 year old loves princesses-and I know this stage doesn’t last long, so we went all out with a Cinderella Princess ball & tea party for her 4th birthday.


Abby couldn’t wait to deliver the invites to her friends. I found this idea online (i forget where) and thought it was perfect…

Here Ye, Here Ye

Calling Princesses one & all.

It’s a Cinderella Party &

We’re going to have a ball!

A luncheon party fit for a princess,

is awaiting you at the castle door.

It’s a royal celebration because…

“Cinder-Abby” is turning 4!

{Please come dressed in rags, but bring along a dress whereupon you will be transformed into a princess befitting for this royal event.}

When the guests arrived-we transformed them into princesses-make up, hair up do’s, sparkly spray and all the girls dressed up in a princess dress. We had crowns, necklaces, rings, and bracelets for each little princess.

We decorated crowns that I got at Ariel’s Grotto in Disneyland, played Freeze dance during our “Ball” and danced to princess music. We also played pin the lips on the frog. The party favors were princess coloring books and crayons.

For the Tea Party, we had mini horderves-mini heart jello jigglers, fancy crackers and cheese, mini crescent rolls, a veggie and fruit tray, mini cookies, princess cupcakes and pink punch.
The girls loved the tea party-they sure acted like little ladies-so prim and proper in their princess attire.

Here are some details in Photos:

The Princess Banner:  So easy and fun to make. Similar to Kirsten’s Spooky Banner.

Tulle made the decor!!! I tied pink and blue tulle around each chair and added silk roses.

Place Settings:

I made little princess crown name tags for each girl and added those big plastic diamond rings for the napkin holders.

Princess Cupcakes:

I found mini tiaras at a party store and cut off the comb part to make just mini tiara cupcake toppers!

And here are the mini princesses after being transformed by their fairy godmother (me)! This party was so much fun-I know have one little sweetheart who thought so!

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  1. I love the big diamonds as napkin rings. We put those in the kiddie bags for girls at our wedding. They LOVED them. The chair sashes are so fun too. What a lucky little girl!

  2. Thank you thank you for sharing this great idea. My little one has talked non stop about having a princess party of her own and I was at a loss of what to do for decorations. I hope you don’t mind if I copy a few of your ideas. They are amazing!!

  3. Did you just make up the game “pin the lips on the frog” or can you purchase a game like this? Can you give more info please…I would love to copy this party for my great-grandchild…whose name is …Abbygail. Thank you so very much for this post! It is adorable!

  4. What a fun party! Any little girl would be in heaven! Love the pin the lips on the frog idea too. It all looks so cute!

  5. So cute Jamie,
    Cinderella is my favorite as well. You make everything awesome and I’m so glad we are friends :). xoxo, Kirsten

  6. like it and love it! my little girl is turning 4 also this january and she likes to be a princess even if don’t like her to be…it’s nice to see your girl to be a Cinderella which is my girl’s favorite princess. you gave ideas for the preparation. thanx!

  7. Hi Jamie!
    I am giving my soon to be 4 year old daughter a princess party and during my quick research came across your blog. It has everything I was envisioning so I was super happy to come across it during a google search. I LOVE your blog and was surprised to see you too are LDS–links to VT messages 🙂
    The party is this Tuesday. Wish me luck!

    Joy from San Diego
    ps-do you have a tutorial for the big tissue balls you hung from the ceiling?

  8. I’m not sure if you gave permission for someone else to use your pictures from this entry, but there is someone on Facebook (MckMama) who has posted one of your photographs; the watermark has been removed, and I just wanted to bring it to your attention in case you did not give permission to use this photograph to advertise a diet supplement meeting

  9. I *thought this picture looked familiar. There is a woman shilling diet pills on FB using your daughter and her friends’s picture. (https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151556956136734&set=a.477184476733.243922.269148616733&type=1&theater) The woman in question cares little for copyright infringement, intellectual property, or the exploitation of children in order to make a buck. If you contact her she will block your FB page instead of taking down your intellectual property. I know this because she used my copyrighted work and claimed it as her own.

    If you want your beautiful daughter’s picture removed from this person’s FB page you need to fill out this form:


    It is specifically for removing the image someone is using of your minor child. FB takes this very seriously and they will remove the photo since Jennifer Mckinney will not.

  10. Hello! I love what you have done with this party. Do you remember where you found the large plastic diamond rings? Thank you!

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