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Cookie Gift Jar

I love a good themed gift and if it can go in a clear container that’s even better! This Cookie Gift Jar hits all of those! Plus, we’ll talk about these llama gift tags!

Cookie Gift Jar

Our December Michael’s Maker challenge is all about the gifts! Now that is December 1st it’s time to get serious about what you’re giving. Chances are you’ve crossed off the big ones, but still have a list of friends, neighbors, teachers, postal workers, hair dresser, dog walkers, babysitters, coaches….that you’re scratching your head over.

Cookie Gift Jar Supplies from Michaels

I picked up all of these supplies at Michael’s (today a lot of the Christmas stuff is 70% off). The jar is a “cookie jar” so of course added cookie cutters and sprinkles, but who wants to take the time to make your own cookies when they have ready-to-decorate ones in the store. The box wasn’t all that cute, so I repackaged it all in the jar.

Packaged Cookie Gift Jar Idea

These little pads of scrapbook paper are the best! This one was $5.99, but was on serious sale so I only paid a few bucks for it. Besides patterned paper it also has sheets of gift tags, and cute sayings you could frame and give as a gift on their own. It’s full of all sorts of goodness!

Llama Gift Tags

The tags look like this, and there are 6 sheets of tags total – so a lot of tags come in a pack. Plus LLAMAS!

Llama Gift Tags

I layered 3 tags together to create this cute llama themed setup and tied it on with baker’s twine.

Llama Gift Tages

Michaels is your one stop gift shop this holiday season! From DIY gift ideas to our favorite kids gifts, they have everything you need to MAKE the season merry!

Cookie Gift Jar Idea


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