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Easy DIY Christmas Carol Canvas

Create a cute little reminder for the kids that Santa Claus is always watching.

Easy DIY Christmas Carol Craft | The Crafting Chicks

Hey there Crafty readers! I’m excited to be here with you today sharing an easy Christmas decoration that pretty much anyone can make. I don’t know what it is about November 1st but I always wake up after Halloween in full blown Christmas spirit. We already have Christmas carols playing at our house and I’m starting to bust out the decorations (don’t worry we wait until the day after Thanksgiving to set the tree up). I wasn’t always into Christmas this much but ever since I had kids the holiday bug has definitely pinched me.

But I’m not one to run out to the store and spend hundreds of dollars on Christmas decorations either. Creating decorations is much more fun; even better when I can have my boys help. Since this canvas was going in their room I thought it was best that they got to help make it. They are so proud of themselves; any time we have someone come over they insist on taking them to their room to show them the picture they made. For me, it’s a good reason to keep the house clean!

Easy DIY Christmas Carol Craft | The Crafting Chicks

This really is probably one of the easiest projects you will ever do. First, go to Michaels (or any art and craft store that carries canvas) and pick up a blank canvas. We got a 12×16. I like Michaels because I can use a 40% or 50% off coupon; I picked this one up for $5.

Next you’ll need red craft paint and a paintbrush. You can also use spray paint.

Easy DIY Christmas Carol Craft | The Crafting Chicks

Start painting your canvas red. I let my boys do the first coat and then I finished it with two more. You probably only need to do two coats but I wanted to make sure all the different stroke patterns were gone from the first one.

The last step is to add your carol. I used my cameo to cut out “You Better Not Pout” in white. I picked that one because it is one of my favorite Christmas Carols and it’s also a fun little reminder for my boys when they get upset that they aren’t getting their way. All I have to say is “Remember what the sign says…” What am I going to do when they get older and I have to tell them the truth about where all the Christmas presents come from?!

Easy DIY Christmas Carol Craft | The Crafting Chicks

And there you have it. An easy, fun Christmas craft that takes less than 15 minutes to make (not including dry time). What is your favorite Christmas carol?

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