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Forest Animal Shadow Puppets

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Shadow puppets can be the perfect camping activity. Can you imagine flashing these animals on the side of your tent?

animal shadow puppets for flashlights

These shadow puppets are super simple to make. Download the animal silhouettes. Print on cardstock. Gather some skewers, tape, scissors and a flashlight.

{Animal Silhouettes}
flashlight shadow suppliesCut out the silhouettes and tape them to skewers.

animal silhouettes for shadows

Once it is dark take the flashlight and shine it on the paper silhouette. You will see the silhouette displayed on the wall. The further away the bigger it gets.

shadow puppets

A fun way to keep kids entertained once the sun goes down!

animal shadow puppets

It is easy to keep these simple supplies on hand so they could be made at any time. What a perfect sleepover activity too! You might like to browse this list of 50 Boredom busters crafts and activities to also keep kids busy and engaged.


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