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Back to school for me means making lunches for my kiddos every morning. I will be making 3 this year! 🙂  My oldest son, Ethan, has Type 1 diabetes. So, since he was diagnosed over two years ago, I have been making him lunch to take because it is easier for him to measure how much insulin he needs. Also, my kids will not eat school lunch (not that I blame them). 🙂  So, I have made a lot of lunches!!! Here are some Healthy & Fun School Lunch Ideas

I must say, I LOVE the new lunch containers they have out now. They are fabulous! I really like the ones that can hook onto my childs backpack. SO convenient! 🙂 

Most of the new lunch containers come with a handy dandy sandwich container. Love them! It is so great to not have to spend money on tons of plastic bags and it is better for the environment. A small plastic food container works great to.I always get so sick of making sandwiches everyday! Some different  things that I have put in my kids school lunches are:

-Sandwiches on a stick

-Pasta salads

-Tortilla wraps

-Sandwiches cut into fun shapes

I am loving these sweet sandwiches from Family Fun.

I always try to make my kids a pretty healthy lunch, but I think they need some yummy things too. I usually make them choose a chip or a treat. That way, they get something they really enjoy, but not too much crap! 🙂

                          My favorite part of packing their lunch, is sneaking in a little love note. I write it on their napkin or on a little post it. My kids are always so happy to get a special little reminder that I  love them lots!

What are some of your fun lunch ideas? I would love you to share them! 🙂

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  1. Thanks for posting this! As I got to the end, I remembered I FORGOT to right my special note for my girls lunches and it’s their first day back to school!!! Pheww….I like the sandwich on he stick idea!

      1. I do this, too (including for my husband). For the days when I’m not quite awake yet, or my creativity fails me, I have a stash of Lunch Notes for Kids from Hallmark, and a couple other Lunch Notes packets I picked up from Michaels $1 bin. For my little one that can’t read yet, I draw little pictures.

  2. Packing lunches is always so stressful for me. I want each day to be unique and different with a delightful surprise inside for my girls – so when they open their lunchboxes they can’t wait to eat what they find inside. I LOVE the sandwich on a stick idea. Will be trying that one for sure!

  3. Love your notes! Have you seen the food markers? You can write right on their food–no need to bother with paper. And the sandwich on a stick–think we’ll have that for lunch today!

  4. Being a former noon aide, I do for sure love your idea about the lunch on a stick, however be sure that this is not considered a weapon. So many schools have zero tolerance, would not want your kiddies removed for this reason.

    Your idea is cool, may I suggest using a few popsicle sticks instead? Again, I think your idea is one of a kind and I thank you for sharing.


    1. When I send the sandwich on a stick to school, I cut off the end, so it is not sharp. I also cut the stick in half so it is much shorter.:) We haven’t had any problems so far.:)

  5. Hi-I have been following you guys for a few months now. Thanks for
    tips on lunches. It’s always such a struggle for me. I have
    3 boys; one in school and my middle is type 1 too. He is 4 and was diagnosed
    in March, so only a few months ago. I feel like we have made lots of progress.
    It’s a daily thing. Anyway, I am always happy to hear that we are not alone.
    Would love to know any tips you have or info that you have found helpful
    in your journey. Thanks much and God Bless!

    1. Oh Mindy! I love hearing from others with Type 1 diabetes. 🙂 It really is a daily struggle. I would love to share tips with you! Seriously, even if you just need someone to chat to who understands. 🙂 My e-mail is
      [email protected]

    2. My oldest child was just diagnosed this summer and it has been such a struggle to get his blood sugar regulated. It seems like every day I am getting a call from the school nurse that he is either too high or too low (and feeling bad 🙁 ). He just turned 13 and is at the awkward age where he doesn’t want to stand out so he is trying to keep his condition quiet except among his closest friends. It has been a heart-wrenching experience for our family. Thanks for the great ideas – I really appreciate it.

  6. A favorite for my kids is left over grilled chicken or leftover turkey, either shredded or cut in small cubes, wrapped in a tortilla with a little BBQ sauce, diced tomatoes, lettuce, and shredded italian blend cheese.

    They also like chicken, or turkey wrapped in a tortilla with spaghetti sauce, cheese, tomatoes, etc.

    I use either whole wheat, or spinach (love sneaking in another veggie) tortillas.

    I also make salads for my kids. They like Chef salads, or taco salads (put the meat in an insulated container to keep it warm. We use chicken cooked in a crockpot with salsa for the meat on our taco salads.

    They also like lunchables, I put some whole grain crackers, ham cut into squares, cheese wedges, and cherry tomatoes.

    Chicken salad on croissants (not quite so healthy, but hey, you gotta splurge once in a while right?

    They also like breakfast sandwiches…
    grab a wheat english muffin, cook some scrambled eggs in a round cookie cutter, grilled ham, throw a little cheese on the eggs just before they’re done.

    The eggs don’t bother my kids but if your kid refuses to eat them cold, keep them in an insulated container.

    1. Thank you so much for the great lunch ideas! 🙂 My kids love the chicken salad on croissants also. I am definitely going to do the taco salads! 🙂

  7. Thanks for all the fun ideas! My daughter loves sandwiches on a stick. To avoid sending her to school with a “weapon”, we have used straws or crunchy breadsticks! She starts 1st grade next week. Anyone have any 1st day of school lunch fun ideas?

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