How to Make Butter

How to Make Butter

Have you ever made your own butter? Do you know how easy it is to make butter? So supper easy, you’re gonna want to make it anytime you make a batch of homemade bread or rolls. All you need is some whipping cream and a trusty mixer. You can use fresh cream if you have that available.


Pour your cream into your mixer. I used about a quart (4 cups) of cream. Use you’re paddle attachment for this.


After a few minutes your whipping cream will turn to whipping cream. 🙂 This is the point that you will want to cover the mixer either with the shield or a towel. Trust me on this one. Once the liquid starts to separate and you get the butter, it will splash everywhere. (Don’t ask me how I know this.)


Once you start to hear some sloshing in the mixer you can stop and see if you are at this point. This is where you want to be. Here you have the butter, and buttermilk. You can save the buttermilk for use for later. But for now you want that butter.


You need to wash all the buttermilk out and get the butter ready for consumption. It will have more of a rubbery feel at first. Start kneading it under some water to get the buttermilk out and to get the butter all smooth and butter.

I put the towel in the bottom of the sink so you could see the creamy white liquid that escapes the butter.


Add in some salt to taste.

And there you have it.



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