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It’s No Puzzle Valentines Printables

It's No Puzzle Valentines Printables

I found these addable mini puzzles at Michaels. I thought they were so cute and my 4-year-old daughter fell in love with them. She loves puzzles and I just knew there was a fun Valentine’s pun I could use to make these her valentines to give her preschool friends. So I snagged them, made up this fun little printable and have them ready for you and your little ones.


First off, find the small puzzles. They come in an 8 pack so it’s just perfect for a preschool class. I snagged 2 packages cause I knew my girls would want to play with them too.

Then print off the free printables below. I made one sheet with pink and one with the blue.


Blue Puzzle Valentines Printables

Download Black

Pink Puzzle Valentines Printables

Download Black

Remember all printables are property of The Crafting Chicks, LLP. For personal non-commercial use only.


After you have the printables printed and cut, you can start to have your child write their name on them. We were too excited to see how it all looked so you can add the puzzles later if you’d like. It didn’t seem like a problem for us.


Attach the puzzle boxes by using tape or glue dots. You can choose which would work best. The tape seemed to hold just fine. But if you’re worried about them traveling you could certainly throw a glue dot on the back to keep them more secure.


And there you have it. A simple and fun Valentine for your child to give.


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