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Leprechaun Trap Printables

Your kids are sure to catch that pesky Leprechaun with these fun and easy Leprechaun Trap Printables. With rainbow, green, and lucky gold coins, the leprechaun is sure to make a stop at your house.

Leprechaun Trap Printables to make leprechaun traps for kids. Green and rainbow printables that come with everything you need.

Leprechaun Traps are a big hit with kids.

They love to make them in hopes of catching that sneaky leprechaun.

Each of the Leprechaun Trap PrintablesĀ comes with pages to make these 4 leprechaun traps.

We call this trap the In A Sneeze.

This printable fits on an empty square tissue box, or you could make it fit any other box you have laying around. šŸ˜‰

Just cut out each piece and have your kids glue it on.

We have also included this fun rainbow ladder that will catch any leprechaun’s eyes. Throw out some extra gold coins and leprechauns will be coming from far and wide to sneak into your trap.

This next trap we call the Leprechaun’s Hat. Isn’t it so cute?

Wrap this printable right around an empty soup can.

Glue it on everywhere but the top. Just lay the top paper circle on with a little adhesive on one side. The Leprechaun is sure to fall in when he is searching for your gold.

This Rainbow Tunnel is every leprechaun’s delight.

Leprechauns know that the gold is found at the end of the rainbow.

Just make sure to cut out the fun “Gold This Way” sign and some gold coins so the little leprechaun knows you’ve got gold hidden.

And what leprechaun wouldn’t want to take a ride on a Rainbow Slide, right into a pot of gold?

This printable Rainbow Slide is made to go around a Pringles can or use an old paper towel tube.

Prop up the slide with some paper straws and add a sign and gold coins to finish the look.

We had so much fun creating these Leprachaun Trap Printables. We sure hope that you and your kids have a blast using them.

Leprechaun trap printables to on reusable household items

You can find the printables in our Crafting Chicks Shoppe.

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