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Monster Cookie Decorating Table

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Take your Halloween Party to the next level with this super fun Monster Cookie Decorating Table. This cookie decorating station is complete with all you need to create the spookiest of cookies with yummy candies and treats from Walmart.

Monster Cookie Decorating with candies on table ready for decorating

We love throwing Halloween parties. One of the best ways to keep guests, especially young ones, busy is with interactive treats. This Monster Cookie Decorating Table is the perfect activity and treat all rolled up into one. We found all of these supplies at our local Walmart.

Nestle Halloween Candy at Walmart for Monster Cookie Decorating Table

Here’s what you’ll need to create your own Monster Cookie Decorating Table:

  • BUTTERFINGERS® Peanut Butter Cup Skulls
  • SweeTARTS® Ropes
  • Nestle Assorted Jumbo Pack, 400 count
  • Sugar Cookies for each guest
  • Rice Cereal Treats
  • Various Halloween sprinkles
  • Frosting in Halloween colors

Supplies needed for a Monster Cookie decorating party

sugar cookies and rice cereal treats for monster cookie decorating station

We set up our station with these adorable Halloween bowls filled with the yummy Halloween Candies and the different colors of frosting.

Nestle candy in Halloween bowls

We also had a piping bag with white frosting ready for piping.

Monster Cookie bar supplies on table

Each person was able to customize their Monster Halloween cookie to their liking. Here are some of our favorite cookies.

Decorated Monster cookies

The Halloween candies and chocolates were perfect to add some fun to each cookie.

Check out those smashed Gobstoppers with the edible eyes. That one might be my favorite.

We used the mini Crunch bars as gravestones. All they needed was a little “RIP” pipped on them. Add in some sprinkle bones and it is complete.

Graveyard cookie on monster cookie decorating station

This spider cookie is just a came together easily with the use of the SweeTARTS® Ropes. And who can resist those edible eyes?

Cookie decorated as a spider

It was fun to watch everyone’s imaginations take off with the creation of different cookies with a fun Halloween theme.

Monster Cookie Decorating Table

What kind of monster cookie would you create? The possibilities are endless and delicious.

Monster cookie decorating bar with candies

Monster Cookie Bar

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