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Sports Mom Must Haves

There are few things in this world that make me more excited than watching my kids play the sports they love. Here’s our list of Sports Mom Must Haves.

Girls out playing soccer in white shirts and bright coral shorts with title Sports Moms Must Haves

Do you spend a lot of time sitting on the sideline or in the bleachers? I sure do. With kids in soccer and volleyball, my time is spent cheering them on.


Since I’ve spent so much time either in the sun, wind, rain, or on hard bleachers, I’ve discovered some amazing products out there that can make your life so much easier.

Here is my list of Sports Mom Must Haves

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Sports Mom Shade Must Haves

First you need to have some good shade if you are sitting outside. But these umbrellas and canopies can also double as ways to keep you warm from rain and other elements.

We love our Sportsbrella. This is a must have for any parent in my book. These are perfect for outdoor sports watching, but also for the beach or any picnic at the park.

Blue Sportsbrella with all the equipment that comes with it. Something all sports moms must have

One thing that I am really wanting to get is a Lawn Umbrella Stand. These go into the grass super easy and you just plop the Sumbrella into the holes. I watch a bunch of other parents who have these and wish I had one.

Bright orange metal pipes that are used to hold and umbrella. Lawn Umbrella stand.


If you are needing more shade, you should grab a canopy for your cheering crew or team.

Blue Outdoor Canopy or shade tent


I like this one because it gives more shade with the extra canopy drape.

But if you are looking for a full on shelter, I am a huge fan of these Lightspeed Pop-Up Shelters.

Green Lightspeed Pop up Shelter

These are quick to pop up and easy to take down. This version also has a clip-up option so you can close it up for some privacy.

Of course you’ll need some sunscreen to keep the sun away too.

Since my brother-in-law is a dermatologist we use sunscreen a lot. We make sure that each of our players have sunscreen in their equipment bags, but you always need some on the sideline as well.

Here are our top sunscreen picks:

Sports Moms Must have Seating

The next most important thing is where you are sitting. Since you have the shade let’s choose the seating.

My husband choose these fun Helinox chairs that are super lightweight and pack super small.

Helinox chair in black for sports moms must havesThe downside in my opinion, is you are building and taking down a chair every time you use them. And they are a little spendy. But there are some great options that cost less.

You could always just go for a regular old camping chair. Although, there are some fun options with these as well.

If you are sitting in the bleachers, you’ll need a little bum and back support. Don’t worry, there are a lot of options when it comes to Stadium Seats for Bleachers.


Stadium seat in teal and gray perfect for a sports mom.Of course there are times that you’ll just need a blanket to sit on.

Navy Oceas Outdoor waterproof blanket is perfect for sports moms.

I love a blanket is multifunctional. This Oceas Outdoor Blanket is waterproof, warm, and will accommodate more than 1 person.


Sports Moms Must Haves to have it all together

If you really want to have it all together, you will need a collapsable wagon to get all this gear from car to field.

Gray Sports Collapsible wagon

You can spend anywhere from $60- almost $400 on a wagon depending on what you want. We like the basics and just need something to haul our gear from place to place. This Mac Sports Wagon does a  great job of that and also provides a cup tray with small table.

Blue fan on top of a 5 gallon bucket for sports games

One of our favorite purchases ever was this Bucket Top Misting Fan. The battery is a Ryobi battery and comes with a charger. You just need a 5 gallon bucket, ice, and water. This will keep everyone nice and cool.

Red Sports ball pump that all sports moms should have.

One thing that has really come in handy, is having a ball pump in our gear. It really doesn’t take up a lot of room, but has helped in a pinch.

Girls playing soccer wearing black uniforms.

Well, that’s about all I could think of. Leave a comment and tell me what I’m missing. What are your Sports Mom Must Haves?

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