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Sunshine Surprise Ball Gift Idea

Looking to make someone’s day a little more bright? Make one of these cute sunshine surprise ball gifts for birthdays, get well gifts or just a little random act of kindness!

Sunshine Surprise Ball | Looking to make someone's day a little more bright? Make one of these cute sunshine surprise ball gifts for birthdays, get well gifts or just a little random act of kindness! #kindness #kids #activity #craft

Tiffany here from Making the World Cuter bringing you one of my favorite gift ideas! I am totally LOVING surprise balls.

This one is full of sunshine just like those little gift baskets we’ve all seen, but with a twist. The idea is to gather small, orange and yellow items that you can fit in a small ball. All of these items were found at Target and can easily be found in most stores, and they cost me about $10.

Supplies for Sunshine Surprise Balls

Feel free to choose different items for the insides, affiliate links included.

Yellow and Orange Gift Idea Items

I made a sheet of fun Sunshine Gift Tag Quotes that will work for any little gift, and for any little occasion, so just print them and cut them out, and choose the tag that is best for the recipient. (You can download these below.)Sunshine Quotes Free Printable Gift Tags

Sunshine Surprise Ball Gift Idea

Now let’s get to making the surprise ball!

Step 1:

I like to start with the roundest item, so in this case that would be the socks rolled up. Start wrapping with the crepe paper, you want to completely wrap the socks so that you can’t see them before you start wrapping the next item. Cut the paper and secure with glue.

Step 2:

Wrap the M&M’s around the ball and then wrap them with the crepe paper, until you can’t see them anymore, cut paper and glue.making a surprise ball

Step 3:

Next take a few of the banana Laffy Taffy and wrap them one at a time on different sides of the ball, trying to keep it as close to ball shape as possible. making a surprise ball

Step 4:

Add the Lip Balm, wrap and glue…you get the idea!making a surprise ball

Step 5:

Finally, wrap the face mask around the ball and wrap it up, then continue wrapping, adding more crepe paper where needed to make it as round as possible. Sunshine Surprise Ball making a surprise ball

Now you have the ball and you’ll need to make it into a sun shape. That’s where the card stock comes in. making a surprise ball construction paper and scissors

Step 6:

Cut a strip of the yellow card stock and then just cut triangles on one side. Then fold the paper in half and cut the triangles down to the fold so that you can wrap paper through them. Making a Sunshine Surprise Ball

Step 7:

Fold the sunbeams back and use the strip to secure it in place. Glue ends together with a couple different strips if needed to fit around the entire ball. Then secure with crepe paper, going in between the sunbeams.Sunshine Surprise Ball

Step 8:

Attach a gift tag with some bakers twine to one of the sunbeams, and at this point you can totally give it away, or…Sunshine Surprise Ball

Step 9:

To add a little personality to the sun, add a little smile and sunglasses cut out from black vinyl. 

You can download the Free Printable Sunshine Cards below.

Download BoxSunshine Surprise Ball Gift Idea

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  1. I absolutely love this! My granddaughter is in the hospital with a broken ankle. I am making this for her today!

  2. Hi – I went to download the sunshine printables and they aren’t in the “make the world cuter” website library. Any suggestions for how to access? Thanks!

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