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Water Color Ocean Art for Kids

Water Color Ocean Art for Kids

Today I’m going to show you how to make this fun and educational Water Color Ocean Art for Kids.

To make today’s post you’ll need:


First read the books, Fish is Fish, and Swimmy, to your children.¬†Talk to them about the artwork. How there are different textures and colors. Lots of patterns and color mixing. You can then talk to them about the ocean and how water isn’t all blue and to think about what colors they could use to make the ocean.

Then give them each a piece of watercolor paper. and have them start painting.


Tell the children to work horizontally with the paint.


Once the background is mostly blue, they can add in other colors to add depth and dimension.


Here’s one of the finished pages waiting to dry.


After it’s dry, have the kids tear the sandpaper into strips that will cover the bottom of your ocean. This gives some more texture and dimension. It might be my favorite part. I love how the ripped section of the sandpaper curls and lifts off the paper.


Now the kids can add the stickers wherever they want to.


And there you have it. A whole art lesson made fun. My girls loved working on this and I loved watching their oceans come to life.


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