DIY Personalized Card Holder

This DIY Personalized Card Holder is so simple and won me the Mom of the Year award, well, at least the Mom of the Week.

My 4 year old loves to play games with us, but cards are so hard for his little hands to manage. And it is so hard for me to play fairly when I can see all of his cards laid out on the floor (really–why would I pick up the Old Maid if I can see her?). For a while we would steal a clip off the chip bag for him to use and then I got crazy and made him his very own. I’ve seen the card holders at game stores, but these are so much more fun (and these clips cost $1).

Start with a clip. Any old clip. Measure to know how big your paper needs to be and add a name if you wish. You will want one for the front (name) and one for the back (no name). They will be the same size.

I used digital paper from the Shabby Shoppe and the font is Megapolis Extra.

Print off your paper, cut out, and trim to fit.

Remember you will want the name going the right direction while they are holding it.

I was going to get crazy and print paper to cover the white square on the handle, but didn’t. Which was okay, because the little brother had it broken within the week. But you can. It would be even cuter.

Mod Podge your paper on the front and back and Ta Da! A personalized card holder.

He loved it! There is something special when you can see your name as a 4 year old.

Then we were invited over to friends to play games (shortly after the death of the first clip) he begged me to make more for all of the kids. This time I found sturdier, although smaller, metal clips which still work well for little hands.

Family game night has never been so fun. It makes them feel big and helps games go so much smoother!

This would also make for a great gift along with a card game. We love Old Maid, Go Fish, Crazy 8’s, and Uno at our house.

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  1. says

    I love this idea…my 4 year old can’t hold all his cards, and so this would be perfect! I’m going to feature it on my sidebar..thanks!

  2. says

    LoVe this idea! We play a TON of Uno @ our house so these would come in handy! I would love to feature these on my blog The CrEaTiVe CraTe…if its ok with you!

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Sandra says

    Amazing … love this idea .. I’m SO going to make these! :-) I always eye the ones in the store .. but at like $10 a pop .. and with 3 kids .. who wants to pay $30 for card holders .. LOVE this .. and will so be making them! :-) Thanks!


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